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Each and every project is the independent creation of someone like you!

What is crowd funding?

Crowd funding, sometimes known as micro-patronage, is another option to support creative projects. At pitchIN, project owners create a campaign for their creative idea to raise funds, and seek small contributions from lots of people. An example of crowdfunding in Malaysia happened in 1982. Football-mad Malaysians wanted to watch the World Cup, but RTM (the only TV station we had back then) showed the opening, the semi-final and the final matches live. A football fan, Patrick Teo suggested in a local newspaper that Malaysians donate RM 1 each to pay for extra live telecasts. The newspaper then launched a fund, called the People's Live Telecast Fund, targeting to raise RM60,000. At the end of that campaign, the Fund collected RM300,000! And Malaysians got to watch four extra World Cup matches!

Now, isn't that a heart-warming story?

Frequently Asked Question

What is pitchIN?

pitchIN helps project owners raise funds for their creative projects through crowd funding.

Who can pitch projects on pitchIN?

So long as you are a resident of Malaysia, aged 18 and above, you can propose your project in pitchIN, and there is NO joining fee! However, we acknowledge that great ideas can come from anywhere. Even from young people below the age of 18. In those cases, get your parents or guardian involved and we will assist you!

Does pitchIN take equity in any of the project?

No, we don't. Nor is equity allowed to be offered as "rewards" to supporters.

What about intellectual property?

No, we won't. pitchIN will not claim any IP belonging to any project featured in pitchIN. That will always remain the project owners. However, project owners are advised to also not claim IP's belonging to others in their project.

pitchIN is free? Really?

Joining pitchIN is free, really. Using pitchIN's service is free. If your project succeeds in raising the amount that you want, there will be a 5% fee to the funds raised. There are also processing fees for Paypal, our financial gateway partner, if funding is successful. If funding isn't successful, there are no charges. None to pitchIN and none to Paypal

You really have nothing to lose here.

Is crowd funding legal?

Crowd funding at pitchIN is simply a platform for raising money and gaining support for projects.

The crowdfunding model adopted by pitchIN is only for non-equity projects. People contribute money to a project (not a company) with no expectation of financial return. The reward for their contribution can be summed as such:

  • Emotion (the good feeling that comes from having helped a worthy cause)
  • Nominal (your name in the credits, a thank-you note from the project owners) and
  • Product-based (you get one or more products from the first production run)