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NeonLight Film Festival. A two night event dedicated to film lovers and local talents to create awareness towards organ donation in Malaysia. A Community Project.



NeonLight Film Festival is an educational two night event aimed at touching the hearts of the public through short films created by our local talents. This film festival will act as a platform for all film lovers, local talents and organ donors to come together for the same cause;- to increase the awareness and to show their support towards organ donation in Malaysia. This event is supported by our National Transplant Resource Centre (NTRC).

With your support, we'll be able to not only showcase our local talents but also to increase the awareness of organ donation among the Malaysian public. Support NeonLight Film Fest and together, we can make this happen and help save lives. One pledge = one support. To ensure the whole project come to life, we would need a funding of at least RM35000. The funding will be projected into the two night event, whereby we'll be using it to pay for venue, equipment's, tents, merchandises, competition prizes and crew fee.

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NeonLight Film Fest is organized by a team of proactive students from HELP University who are very passionate about the things they do. Looking at the dire number of organ donors/pledgers in our country, we are out to help make a difference and to help save lives. Our team is made up of dedicated staff that is passionate about their work and is led by our charismatic and experienced Campaign Leaders, Fiona Chen Shiau Tyng representative of Junior Camber International (Youth) and Daniel Ng Chun Yik representative of HELP Rescue Club. Our team is honored to has been given the authority and support to spread this noble cause by the National Transplant Resource Center (NTRC) - the leading authority on organ donation in Malaysia.