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We are Hawa Othman and Adibah Abd Latif, and we teach in a small school, SMK Sungai Manggis in Banting.

The school is moderately sized, with just over 900 students. Most of the students come from the neighbouring villages and housing areas. This includes, Kampung Seri Cheeding, Sungai Sidu, Olak Lempit and Bandar Mahkota. The school has an uncommonly high dropout rate compared to most schools in Malaysia. 1 out of 8 students dropout of school almost yearly. Most students come from challenging family background with average earning just over $300 per month having average families more than 6.

The challenges that our students face contributes not only to the low levels of achievement but also other problems such as drug abuse, truancy and other disciplinary issues. These problems can create disconnection between students going to school with the aim to learn.

As teachers, one thing that really shines among our student is creativity.

By focusing on the key strength of our students and gearing it towards improving our students' weaknesses, we plan to curate creative projects for students, which will give students their opportunities to increase their creativity as it is an essential skill in life and education.

And what better way to share these projects through media. Not only our will students own the projects from end to end, but they will have the opportunity to feel proud to be involved in projects that excellent schools from around the world are doing.

The project's vision is twofold which are:

1. To increase the attractiveness of learning and sharing outside and inside school among students of SMKSM.

2. To target low motivated students (students at risk of dropping out of school) in creative and curricular based media projects to expose them to the bigger purpose of education.

Innovation and creativity are integral to learning. These things occur best in a collaborative environment where the process, rather than the product alone is the responsibility of the creators.

This project fosters creativity and innovation among students, teachers and the general community. We hope students will have the opportunity to be free to explore new possibilities and potentials to risk failure and to attempt the impossible.

Our projects include:

1. Producing educational + creative videos
2. Podcasting
3. Creative projects
4. Programming with Raspberry pi
5. Creativity trips

To help sustain this project the money raised will be used to buy:

1) A video camera
2) Lighting equipments
3) Develop a sustainable website
4) Raspberry Pi's
5) Fund creativity trips
6) Art supplies for our videos

We thank you for your support to SM Kreatifmedialab

Hawa Othman and Adibah Abd Latif

Students collaborating to solve IQ questions.

Create more student centered learning through creating games.

Students programming games using Scratch

Students making models of cells in Biology class

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About Me

S M Kreatif Medialab

Gender female

Additional Information

My name is Hawa Othman, and I am a 2012 Teach for Malaysia Fellow. I graduated in UNSW, Sydney majoring in Genetics and Evolutionary Biology. Previously, I was doing research in Biology and also co-founded Unscientific Malaysia.

I teach Biology and Mathematics in an exceptionally challenging school, in Selangor. The classroom is where I channel my strong passion for science and creativity. However, it is sad to see most of the students struggle in the fundamentals of science and mathematics due to factors that are beyond their locus of control.

I hope to see students of mine experience and gain access to opportunities just like their peers from other schools from all around the world.

Thank you for supporting SM Kreatifmedialab. #FORTHEKIDS


Hi! I am Adibah, from Teach for Malaysia's first cohort. I graduated from Petronas University of Technology, majoring in Business Information Systems. After graduation, I realized my interest is in entrepreneurship and education. I gained experience as a Admin Executive and Lecturer at TAJ International College, Ipoh before I continued my adventure with Teach for Malaysia.

Currently, I teach History and Physical and Health Education in a high need school in Kuala Langat, Selangor. I have a strong interest in changing the way my students think. They need to think critically and creatively. Through this project the students will have the opportunity to think outside the box while improving on their general knowledge.

I dream my students will be independent thinkers, do not rely on others too much and most importantly, they will be able to express themselves if not by words, by other means where they can express themselves to the world.

Thank you for supporting SM Kreatifmedialab. #FORTHEKIDS


We thank you for your support to SM Kreatifmedialab. You can also contact us at and if you have any questions about the project or you can pose your questions at the Discussion Board of the Project Home.

Hawa Othman & Adibah Abd Latif