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Kampung Quest - The Authentic Malaysian Adventure by Feisk Sdn Bhd. A project under Film and Video



Kampung Quest, the Authentic Malaysian Adventure, pits 8 urban contestants into a picturesque 'kampung retreat' located in Malaysia's tropical rainforests, where they will have to compete in physical, mental and social challenges. These urban warriors will have to adapt to a lifestyle never imagined for 7 days, packed with culturally-themed elements and social drama attached when living with fellow competitors.

Each night, one urbanite gets eliminated. Who will be the Kampung Quest Champion?


Kampung Quest is an 8 episode scripted reality show that revolves around contestants adapting to an unfamiliar setting, using the limited knowledge they possess (or will acquire throughout) the show. Contestants will learn to appreciate the different cultures and heritage in Malaysia.

For 7 days, these urban contestants will be housed in a traditional kampung house and will have to contend with team rivalry, clashing egos, personal habits and different methods of getting things done the old-fashioned way. A beautiful Malaysian landscape consisting of tropical rainforests and cool rivers sets the backdrop of the show. The contestants will be will be subjected to daily tasks associated with kampung life and will compete in unique challenges which will ultimately decide how events play out throughout the course of the series.

The contestants will hone new outdoor skills such as pitching a tent, path finding and general survival skills. They will leave the show with invaluable experience and a greater appreciation of the outdoors. Each night a contestant will be eliminated based on decisions that affect the game physically, mentally, socially or strategically. Principal photography for Kampung Quest will take place in September 2013. The show is scheduled to be aired in November 2013.


We require USD 2200 to complete production of the show. With the funds, we will be able to include Bahasa subtitles for our viewers. We will be able to further market the show, generate publicity, via online advertisements, Facebook promoted posts and print advertising. In addition to that, we will allocate funds for merchandising. Souvenirs, tee shirts and stickers will be made to further spread the popularity of the show via contests and prizes. We need you to make Kampung Quest a huge success!


Feisal and Iskander Azizuddin are two brothers who have longed to make their very own show. They set up Feisk Sdn Bhd, a media production company three years ago and have been producing videos for corporates, weddings, travelogues and just about any occasion.

Some of their clients include Securities Commission Malaysia, Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid, MK Group, Malaysia Practice Enterprise Centre (MyPEC) and a discreet number of well-heeled society personalities looking for that extra panache and brand of style for their 'making memories' moments.


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Feisal and Iskander Azizuddin are two brothers who have longed to make their very own show. Feisk Sdn Bhd was set up three years ago. Under the media division of the company, Feisk Productions, Feisal and Iskander leads a passionate team of talented filmmaking professionals. Feisk Productions have produced videos for corporates, weddings and travelogues. Some of their well known clients include Securities Commission Malaysia, Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid, MK Group, Malaysia Practice Enterprise Centre (MyPEC) and various new start ups in the industry.

Feisal and Iskander lead a compact and dedicated team with a passion for churning out fresh and innovative ideas coupled with the technical expertise of producing high quality media content makes Feisk Productions the ideal choice in executing production of Kampung Quest.


Iskander Azizuddin graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Multimedia Studies from the University of Coventry, UK. and completed a post-graduate Professional Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. After five years of corporate life in the investment banking industry, he decided to venture out and do what he truly enjoys and founded Feisk Sdn Bhd with Feisal. Iskander specialises in multimedia and production design with a keen eye in scriptwriting and direction.


Feisal Azizuddin is a Certified Audio Engineer, graduating from the International College of Music, and holds a Diploma in Music Production from Ocean Institute of Technology. Feisal did his internship at Betarecs, a production house located in Plaza Damansara, before going on to set up Feisk Sdn. Bhd.