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Agatha Yu, an amputee who grew up on the beautiful of Penang dreams of bringing hope by inspiring and motivating the disable community and those who are lost, depressed, unhappy across the globe that there are more things in life to just give it up.

Life is previous and we should make each moment count.

I realised many Malaysians are not happy with their life, thus the number of suicide cases increased. Some are depressed, some are unemployed and even a small dispute or disagreement between young couples can end their lives easily.

I have decided to take up a challenge, which is to climb/hike up to the North Base Camp of Mt. Everest and climbed the Potala Palace in Tiber despite my disability.

I am detaching myself from my comfort zone. My stamina, mental, emotional and physical well being will be challenged to the max with non-stop back to back activities throughout the expedition. By the way, I will also spend some time serving the disable community there. This will not be an easy journey but I believe with the right positive mindset and attitude, I will sail through the rough storm.

After my return, I will publish a book about this amazing expedition to serve as an inspiring to others. I want to be a living example and inspire those with disabilities, or ordinary people who are sad, doubtful, hopeless and depressed to look up to and smile and say to themselves: "Hey, my life ain't that bad after all. If she can do it, I can do it too."

Many disable people in Malaysia have low self-esteem and are doubtful of their talents and capabilities. I want to help my community by organising fund raising through the book I will publish based on this expedition to serve as an inspiration to them.

NOTE: Due to the poor respond for the first 40 days of my 60 days time frame, I have revised the itinerary of the expedition to only North Base Camp of Mt. Everest and Potala Palace, both in Tibet. The objective to bring hope, inspire and motivate the nation remains.

Estimated exchange rate of 3.2 from USD to RM
Breakdown based on total targeted amount successfully raised

Proposed funds: USD6000
Breakdown of USD6000

USD600 - Cash donation to schools in China
USD120 - Cash donation to World Vision Malaysia (2% as agreed with World Vision Malaysia)
USD600 - pitchIN & PayPal & fees
USD280 - Fulfillment of rewards

Total: USD1600

Balance of USD4400 will cover the following:

a) Flight tickets (KL to ChengDu, Lhasa to ChengDu, ChengDu to KL)
b) Train ticket (ChengDu to Lhasa - 48 hours sleep in train)
c) Land/coach transfer (airport, train station etc for both SiChuan and Tibet)
d) All entrance fees
e) Guide fee (This is compulsory according to Tibet Tourism Board)
f) Accommodation
g) Meals
h) Application and permit into Tibet

China VISA application not included. (I will bear this cost together with others like purchasing a new pair of crutches and some spare parts, clothing etc)

In the event if this project does not reach the targeted funds, I will source for other sponsors after the 60 days time frame from to raise the sufficient funds to pursue this project. Rewards will remain the same.??Tentative targeted expedition date: 12th October, 2013

*Date subject to change due to weather and fulfillment of rewards might be delayed as well.

Tentative targeted expedition date: 12th October, 2013 - 11th November, 2013
*Date subject to change due to weather and fulfillment of rewards might be delayed as well.

If you have any questions for me, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at or you can drop me a message on the discussion board.


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About Me

Agatha Yu

Gender female

Additional Information

The challenger - Agatha Yu

Hi! I am Agatha and I grew up in a single-parent family. Due to an accident, which occurred in 1999, my left leg was amputated. I have gone through a lot of hardship. With the support and encouragement from my family especially my mom and good friends, today I think positively and never give up easily. Before the accident, I was trained together with Dato' Lee Chong Wei as a Penang-state badminton player.

I am very compassionate and wish to help the students in China especially students in SiChuan who are affected by the earthquake in 2013. I believe that poverty ends when education begins. As such, I will be paying visits to schools in SiChuan to teach them English and donate some money to these schools.

In support of the Vision and Mission of World Vision, I have pledged my time to help serve the disable community in XiAn for a few days.

I have climbed The Great Wall of China. I receive many positive reviews and response from friends, some even stating that I am an inspiration to them.

Please pledge your support to make my dream come true so that I may in turn inspire others and bring more hope to those in need.

If you have any questions for me, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at