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TeeSomethingNice - The Tee-shirt project by TeeSomethingNice. A project under Arts and Design



The #TeeSomethingNice project came about from the #SaySomethingNice campaign. The #SaySomethingNice campaign started a few years ago, its prime objective - as a celebration of being Malaysians and the country, Malaysia from 31st of August to 16th September.

For 2013, as part of the campaign, the #TeeSomethingNice project was born. The idea behind the project was to crowd source awesome and cool designs from local designers based on theme, being Malaysians and Malaysia and make them into Tee-shirts, where Malaysians can then wear the Tees not only during the #SaySomethingNice campaign but all year round.

Altogether, a number of 43 Tee-shirt designs were received. The designs were then presented and judged by a panel of 3 Judges, namely writer, women's rights, HIV/AIDS activist and TV producer, Datuk Marina Mahathir, CEO of Television Networks, Media Prima, Ahmad Izham Omar and Kakiseni's Low Ngai Yuen.

In the end, the Judges narrowed their selection to 3 designs by 3 local designers, namely Tintoy Chuo, Arif Rafhan and Faros Amzas.


This project is about using aspects of Malaysia and the Malaysian way of life, interpreting them into cool designs that we think Malaysians or for that matter, anyone who loves Malaysia or simply if you appreciate great design, would love to wear. Be it on a lazy Sunday, on your way to have that roti canai at your favorite hangout or any other day. One just cannot go wrong with an awesome Tee!

The "Tunku"

Tintoy Chuo was looking for an icon or an element that represented Malaysia. He considered several elements, one of it being the world famous KLCC building. However, he thought that KLCC would only represent the urban side or Malaysia. He figured that the perfect representation of Malaysia is none other than the Father of Independence itself, Tunku Abdul Rahman. The iconic "Merdeka pose" gives out such a powerful visual & it also signifies unity and harmony. By designing the Tunku in the contemporary pop art vector style, he hopes to bring a fresh look into this iconic visual, which appeals to both older & younger generation. To maximize the mood he used the four primary color from the Malaysia flag.

Having the speech bubble of the Tunku saying, "Say something Nice" rather than the much serious Merdeka depicts a joyful combination that someone so highly respected too is saying something nice, thus, encouraging the public to follow suit.

The "Tanahairku"

On submitting his design to the #TeeSomethingNice project, Faros realized that Malaysia is a celebration of colors. The various and colorful State flags of Malaysia is a representative of what Malaysia is. Vibrant, friendly

Faros also felt that while many Malaysians are familiar with their own State flag colors, he thinks that there is also a number of Malaysians that may not be aware of the flag colors that belong to the other States in Malaysia. He also feels that the design itself could be a talking piece and a cool representation of the States that makes what Malaysia is.

The "Multiplayer"

Arif is self proclaim fan of 8-bit graphic designs. Prior to entering the #TeeSomethingNice project, he had dabbled in some of the 8-bit graphic designs, making Tee-shirts for his own children.

Interestingly, Arif does not see himself as a graphic designer and his submission to the #TeeSomethingNice project is his first attempt at sharing his 8-bit graphic design with the general public.

His design "Multiplayer" combines his love for 8-bit graphic, his love for computer games and his love of being a Malaysian in Malaysia, a country made up of various races who collectively strives to make Malaysia a great country it is.


The #TeeSomethingNice project are teaming up with the Tee-shirt specialist, our friends from SaltyCustoms. The Tee-shirts will be printed on the Gildan Tee-shirt and printed by SaltyCustoms in down town Kelana Jaya.




Size Chart


Apart from the Tee-shirts, we will also be offering other types of rewards that are connected to the Tee-shirts and its designers. If you are a fan of the Tee-shirts, you would probably want to get your hands on the cool designs for your laptop as well as posters to decorate your wall. Your laptop and wall can't thank you enough for making them cool!

Oval Stickers


Size Chart


When you pitched to a specific reward, you will also get your very own #TeeSomethingNice Tee-shirt. And each Tee will come with QR Code too! So stay tune for interesting things you can find or learn from scanning the QR Code.


Apart from the Tee-shirts, Oval Stickers, Posters and the TeeSomethingNice Tee-shirts, we are also working on a one of kind reward that will never be made again to celebrate the #TeeSomethingNice project. It will be great for corporate offices or it can also make your own home wall the center for awesomeness when friends come visiting. It will be the #TeeSomethingNice plaque.

The plaque is still being designed and once ready, we will make it available for you to view it and decide if your office or home will be that center of coolness!


The Tee-shirt images here are mockups. Actual products may vary from the mockups in color tone, graphic size/positioning, etc. Number of inks used in the graphic, available colors, and brand of the apparel are all things that may change by the time the shirts go into production.

Shipping is included if it is done within Malaysia. For shipping outside of Malaysia, please add USD10 to your pitch.

The estimated delivery is an estimate. But we will work very hard to get your Tee-shirts before Merdeka Day on 31st August. If not, it will definitely reach you by 16 September!


If you have any questions about the project or rewards or how to pitch to the project, feel free to shoot us an email at and also if you can, copy our host, pitchIN at

Please also connect your Facebook to pitchIN before you pitch in. This would allow everyone to know who had pitched to the project and it may encourage your friends and others to do the same too. But if not, you can still pitch in as anonymous. Please also share the project with your friends and family. The quick link is here or copy/paste it as And if you were to pitch in to the project, we do hope you will also share it or tweet it about it. Either way, we will be thankful.



Project Updates

Project Discussion

List of Pitchers

List of all people who had pitched/pledge money to this project

Hasnul Hadi Samsudin RM350
Anonymous Pitcher RM55
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Chris Leong RM55
Shahril Fahazmi Musa RM65
Johnathan Lee RM60
Anonymous Pitcher RM60
Anonymous Pitcher RM5
Anonymous Pitcher RM15
Rastam Hadi Samsudin RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM60
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Jamielah Yaakob RM60
Anonymous Pitcher RM80
Leen Bakar RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM65
Anonymous Pitcher RM5
Azlan Ismail RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM5
Dinesh Nair RM45
Chow See Mei RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Joanne Wong RM20
Joanne Wong RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM60
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM45
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Mike Smith RM45
Anonymous Pitcher RM65
Haniza Syed Harun RM25
MDeC RM2500
Shamsul Jafni Shafie RM100
Azreen Ali RM45
Kashminder Singh RM60
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Suzana Shafie RM20
Harlina Mohd Nazri RM45
Amin Daud RM25
Ila Ma'arof RM25
Joned Blaque RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Elyas Ezanee Daud RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM2
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Anonymous Pitcher RM25
Hassanin Ahmed RM25
Cradle RM1000
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Barium Maru Maru Baharum RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM45
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Mohd Hafizul Abd Radzak RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Anonymous Pitcher RM5

About Me

Tee SomethingNice

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Additional Information


Tintoy Chuo runs Actiontintoy Design Laboratory, a MSC status company & award-winning Character Design & Interactive Content studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tintoy's true passion is in cartoon and character creation, where he has done Mascot design for KFC Malaysia, ASTRO XTY channel, Cadbury Malaysia, Singapore Tourism, Nike Singapore, Channel-V Hong Kong, Swatch China, 7-up China, GamePox Sweden & many more.

ActionTintoy was the grand winner for Malaysia's MDeC's 2009 IPCC animation Super-Pitch contest, & recently a regional winner for Japan TBS's 13th DigiCon6 animation contest.

Besides being a conventional artist, Tintoy is also involved in game concept design & animated series, and new media design such as A.R. (Augmented Reality) development. His creative expertise has reached across the globe and back: Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Sweden, Canada and USA.

No stranger to design magazines and web portals, Tintoy Chuo is constantly involved in international design collaboration campaigns to aid in promoting and increasing awareness about the Malaysian design industry and giving talks nationally to share his valuable insight about character design.

Mohd Faros bin Amzas, born and raised in Johor where he discovered his creative side when he was 15. Beginning 2001, equipped with the pen name of "Froggypapa", he dabbled into the world of graphic and comic art at a publishing company and is currently exercising his passion as a freelance artist for over 4 years.

Faros does various illustrations and design jobs and has since published 3 solo comics. The first was "Babapboi", a story of a kid that has a very unique power, whereby whoever looks into his eyes directly, will cry. His second publication is "Lawak Orang Bujang". This comic is his personal take on his life as a single bachelor in KL. He is currently working on his third solo comic which is currently an ongoing comic series for PTS Publishing, titled "Super Safee", which is a biography comic of Malaysia's very own famous footballer Safee Sali. The fourth volume of the series has just been printed.

Some of Froggypapa's best achievements as a comic writer were to receive awards in the Best Comic category and the Best Comic Writer category in Anugerah Pekomik 2011. Also in the same year, he had received a grant from MDeC and an IPCC Grant in the category of Interactive Comics.

This year however, he decided to try and expand his skills by exploring something different, thus participating in the #TeeSomethingNice competition.

Arif Rafhan Bin Othman is currently the Creative Director at Content Capital Sdn. Bhd. He entered the competition with the intention to showcase his 8-bit design as inspired by the designs he has done for his children.

Prior to this, he was involved in several interesting projects such as providing the soundtrack for all Zan Azlee's documentaries, for filmmaker Liew Seng Tat's Flower in the Pocket, for filmmaker James Lee's Bernafas Dalam Lumpur, and wrote and produced a UK Garage song; 'Pasar Malam' and 'Lebai Malang'. Arif has created Smackslide, a Facebook page that provides interactive (menu oriented) PowerPoint slides for teachers, lecturers, trainers and corporate. He has also filmed 2 short films namely, "Ptuihhh!" (2004) and "Hari Menunggu" (2005).

This being his first time entering a designing competition and with the good feedback he has received, he has plans to continue his 8-bit children clothing line more seriously.