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Seekers Underground

A project categorized under Film & Video by TEEBTV Network Sdn Bhd...


This web series or webisode project is very closed to our hearts, as we believe our tales should be shared with the world out there.

Hey, we have our own X-files though. Is it real?

Well, you decide. The truth is out there.

It is rumored that "Seekers" aren't real. Just a bunch of hoax and planned recordings.
Now, this is one way to prove it. YOU experience it yourself!

We hit a brick wall and so many doors slammed for the last three years. We genuinely believe bringing the "Seekers" crowd together is the best way to move forward.

We want to take "Seekers" to the next level by inviting the audiences to experience onset of what we had encountered for years. We know we are curious creatures and we know you need to sort this burning unanswered quest for once and for all.

We are going to be there to guide you and share our "hidden" knowledge and skills.

If this project is successful, we might be going to the next level - a full series that will EXCLUSIVELY screened on Teeb TV - global viewership anywhere anytime on any platform.

The best part is you could join us!

The fund is very minimal and mostly will go to travel, location booking, production teams, promotion, and special equipment, especially in the darkest night. We will save a lot in lighting.

And of course, we would appreciate your assistance. We are more than happy to spend some funds on the merchandises so that your experience could last as a memorabilia of being a seeker.

A pitcher/pledger does not necessarily need a PayPal account to pitch or pledge. What he/she needs is a credit card (Mastercard/Visa) or a debit card.

However, if you are not comfortable doing an online pitch/pledge - you can transfer the money directly to the pitchIN account as follows:

Pitch Platforms Sdn Bhd
Maybank 564892120183

However, the person must send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt and your name to the email address: with the Subject Heading: Seekers 2016

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About Me

Azuan Muda

Gender male
  • Indie TV Indonesia
  • Indie Media Network (SA0191109-V)

Additional Information


Syaiful Redzuan Md Noor or Syai is an award winner singer. A self-taught photojournalist, Syai propelled his profile in Seekers on NTV7 - a highly rated program about ghost hunting in Malaysia.
He is now dedicated to making a difference in photojournalism and supernatural. He is the "Dean Winchester" of Malaysia.


The "Sam Winchester" of Malaysia. A quiet and subtle figure in Seekers since the beginning. His supernatural ability to translate into portraits and sketches from what he sees, is paramount and mind blowing.
Many consider him as "the ghost sketcher".

3.Azuan Muda

He worked with the award winning production house that produced award-winning films like Mokhsin, Muallaf and Sepet. He is committed to providing a platform for independent filmmakers through his Teeb TV. He believes Seekers Underground is the flagship program for Teeb TV.
A guy with many hats often considered as a "renaissance man".

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