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The Marine Research Station project involving the Perhentian Island villagers - By Ecoteer in Perhentian Islands. A Community Project.



The Perhentian Islands are some of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia but all is not healthy under the seas surface. The corals are suffering largely from tourism due to increased pollution and physical damage from tourists. Through involving the village men directly in our research work we aim to empower them to protect their own islands, their home.

At present Ecoteer has a community project in the Perhentian Islands that benefits the primary school children through our school clubs and the ladies via our ladies association, PILA.

We now want to involve the local men in our project to help save the Perhentian Islands by involving them in a new marine research centre.

We need funding to help us with the start up costs of the centre that includes buying scuba diving equipment, a boat, renovation of our centre, surveying equipment and scuba diving training for the villagers.

Once established the centre will look at three major areas:

1. Annual monitoring of the key snorkel sites using GIS mapping and involving the village men throughout.
2. In collaboration with the University of Nottingham Malaysia we hope to improve the sewerage system for the village and the islands
3. Throughout we will educate the village boatmen, children and tourists about how to protect the islands of Perhentian.

This project is one that is needed if we want the Perhentian Islands to continue to be a tropical paradise.

Please donate and help support us with the initial start up costs so we can benefit the villagers, corals and the Perhentian Islands for our grandchildren.

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Perhentian Island

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Beach clean up

Ecoteer at school

Close up with a green turtle

Some of the challenges faced in the Perhentian Islands that we intend to address.

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Ecoteer, founded by Daniel Quilter in 2005, has been involved in Conservation projects in the Perhentian Islands since 2008 when they started to work with Bubbles Dive Resort on sea turtle conservation. They helped to establish a successful project at the resort and are proud to say that turtle nesting numbers are slowly increasing. However the major threat for the turtles and corals has always come from tourists and the villagers themselves. This is why Ecoteer has decided to educate the villagers about marine conservation when they started the school clubs in 2010 with Help Our Penyu.

Ecoteer have continued the clubs every week and are now starting to see a difference with the children's parents saying that their children no longer eat turtle eggs due to the school clubs. Ecoteer's informal teaching methods have worked with the school children NOW they want to educate the village snorkel guides and boatmen and the only way to get them on board is to directly involve them in conservation and scuba diving.

The Ecoteer island team is led by Seh Ling who is a marine biologist and crazy about sea turtles. In 2014 she will start her PhD under the research centre looking at turtle egg consumption in Terengganu and establishing an island wide turtle movement study. She Ling is passionate about the cause and is much loved by the villagers in Perhentian - children, ladies and men - if anybody can get them involved and inspired to save the islands of Perhentian it's her.

Through the centre Ecoteer would like to partner with several different organizations including:

Nottingham University Malaysia - students from the environmental engineering department will be working on research projects looking into the feasibility of the Fat Hopes cooking Oil to diesel being sustainable in the islands. The machine converts used cooking oil into diesel that can be used by the boats, providing a cleaner diesel for the boats, reducing cooking oil content in the sewerage and providing new income potentials for the villagers. The students will be doing surveys on the amount of oil produced in the islands by the villagers and resorts.

Other projects the students will do is looking into the effectiveness of the current village sewerage system and the resorts sewerage systems.

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu - Ecoteer will be partnering with UMT to establish a green turtle photo identification project which gives indications of turtle movements around the islands. UMT will also be looking into turtle egg consumption state wide. This project is being led by Ecoteer project leader Long Seh Ling as part of her PhD studies with UMT.