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Badang: The Untold Story (Badang: Ceritera Tidak Terhikayat). A Graphic Novel by Burhanuddin Bin Sarji. A Project Under Publishing



Badang the superhero with supernatural strength receives a royal command to abduct a princess from the Kingdom of Majapahit. And a war ensues.

Badang: the Untold Story is a retelling of Badang, a mythical heroic figure from the Malay folklore, with a new interpretation to make the tale more appealing. Badang is a palace guard during the reign of Raja Iskandar Shah of Melaka circa 1400, and he fights many battles for his King.

A group of indie artistes will undertake the retelling of Badang in a new, refreshing manner; much influenced by the style of Ashley Wood, Frank Miller and Alex Ross.

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Art in Malaysia needs support from everyone. Badang: the Untold Story is a project that we want the country to be proud of. We want to bring Malaysian art to the next level; that is the international arena. If this project is successful, it will have a positive effect on other independent and freelance artistes looking to have their works published.


USD3,000 for printing purposes, among others. We need to source for good, quality paper to print 1,000 copies the 80-page book, bound with thick covers. The fund too will be used partially to produce special limited editions paraphernalia for the people who support the project and make pledges.


Burhanuddin bin Sarji and Mohd Imran bin Marsad are experienced and talented graphic designers.

Burhanuddin is currently a freelance writer and animation scriptwriter who dabbles as a background artiste and novel writer. Both dream of taking Malaysia's art through their comics like Badang to the international arena.

Project Updates

Project Discussion

List of Pitchers

List of all people who had pitched/pledge money to this project

Anonymous Pitcher RM50
Amir Muhammad RM30
Anonymous Pitcher RM20
Arsyan Ismail RM1
Anonymous Pitcher RM40
Haniza Syed Harun RM30
Anonymous Pitcher RM1
Mike Smith RM70
Anantheswaran Lechmiannandan RM20
Megat Ishak RM30
Aidila Razak RM15

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Burhanuddin Bin Sarji

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Location Kulai
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