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Maya Waters. An Arts & Design Project. Transforming the traditional "Labu Sayong"



"Labu sayong" was a very popular household item during the 18th century, however, it is now a dying household item. It only survives as a souvenir. But with the Maya Waters project, we can bring a traditional item back into a more practical modern household item.

Using this opportunity, I would like to build a prototype of a water container inspired from the traditional design of "Labu Sayong." In this rebirth, the "labu sayong" will have a built-in organic filter and fruit container that can make your water taste better. Maya Water is designed to add aesthetics value to your dining area or kitchen.

By making it slightly more "interesting" as you drink water infused with fruits, Maya Waters intends to cultivate the positive habit of drinking water. That would be extremely beneficial to the overall health.

For many reasons, most household serves water in the house using rather "uninteresting" bottles. Some even use recycled soda bottles. Imagine the awkwardness when serving an important guest in the house? With the traditional design of Maya Waters, those guests will not be able to take their eyes off the beautiful clean and sleek design of the modern day "Labu Sayong"

Maya Waters would require RM5000 for research & development. The fund will go to researching and building tempered glass bottom. We also need to approach several biotech companies and purchase their organic water filters and adapt it with ours. There are also several parts in the reservoir of Maya Waters that need to be moulded and cut precisely to fit into the decently complex top part of Maya Waters.

Please support Maya Waters!


We would encourage you to connect your Facebook with pitchIN before you pitch to the project. If not, your pitch will be identified as "anonymous" in the Project Page. However, if you choose to pitch anonymously, pitchIN would still have your information. We think it would be just awesome if we can see and identify our supporters in the wall of pitchers.


A pitcher/pledger does not need a PayPal account to pitch or pledge. What he/she needs is a credit card (Mastercard/Visa) or a debit card.

However, if you are not comfortable doing an online pitch/pledge - you can transfer the money directly to the pitchIN account as follows:

Maybank 564892100684

WATCHTOWER AND FRIENDS SDN BHD is the company that owns and runs pitchIN.

However, the person must send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt to the email address: with the Subject Heading: Maya Waters. Upon receiving that, the folks at pitchIN can then quickly update the project page.

Thank you again and we do hope you will support the project!

Maya Waters Team

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Anonymous Pitcher RM100
Dasheila Darus RM300
Darlina Darus RM200
Darus Omar RM300
Anonymous Pitcher RM100
Laila Murad Bt. Lid RM200
Hasnul Hadi Samsudin RM300
Anonymous Pitcher RM5
Anonymous Pitcher RM5
Anonymous Pitcher RM5
Norafinaz Raja Din RM5000
Musaab Mesuri RM1000

About Me

Dazrene Irman Darus

Gender male

Additional Information

With a background in 3D animation, I started to work in various industry such as aviation, engineering, multi-media, films and advertising industry for almost 15 years. Being active in inventions fuels my creative side of minds and drives my passion to be involved in creating a better world. I am very passionate in designs, especially traditional Malaysian designs and wishes to reintroduce them into the modern age.