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A Slice of Ipoh by Muhammad Adrian Wong Abdullah, Tony Wong and Azah Yazmin Yusof. A Project Under Film and Video



A travelogue to capture the dying art of "living" in Ipoh.

"A Slice of Ipoh" aims to capture the dying art of "living" in Ipoh. Through an Amazing Race style travelogue, journey with them via the eyes of local Ipoh residents; the roadside hawker; the Hainanese coffeemaker & the retired teacher.

Reminisce old times, preserve and share the beauty of Ipoh to both locals, Malaysians and tourist alike, and uncover the never-been-seen-before/behind-the-scene tenacious hardship of fellow Ipoh-rians, mom-n-pop stalls & businesses, before they cave in to modernization and become irrelevant as the art of "making" - slowly dies with them.

The Ipoh white coffee; St. Michael's Institution; Nga Choy Kai; limestone cave temples; Convent 2.0; 189 Gunung Rapat Heong Peng; Patrick Teoh; Tambun Pomelo girls; Michelle Yeoh: Ho Yan Hor herbal tea; Datuk LAT; Mee Rebus Ramli; the 2-hour electric train ride.

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Work with us to preserve Ipoh and its "living" so that the "regular" kopitiam (coffee shop) you frequent and the smell & taste of coffee and kaya bread doesn't cave in to modernization.

Relive the days of your childhood, refresh your senses with the fresh aroma of Heong Peng and enrich the lives of your favourite mom-n-pop stalls, by supporting us, support them. This is where you belong.


US$18,888 to be used wisely (of course) on production crew, time and travelling to Ipoh, Perak. To minimize expenditure, we will produce the travelogue in three weeks instead of the usual three to six months without jeopardizing the final quality.

A significant portion of the Director/ Producer's fees will also be used to fulfill the rewards/pledges, small pitch parties & roadshows (BTL materials: buntings, posters, etc) in various locations through-out KL and Ipoh. The rest of the marketing/promotions of the video will be done using "passion, rain, sunshine and fresh air" through viral dissemination. DVDs (without commercials) and YouTube (with 30 sec commercial breaks), will be the medium of distribution.

A quick-look at the estimated budget breakdown:

Sekeping Ipoh Documentary/Travelogue


The creative forces behind "A Slice of Ipoh" are Muhammad Adrian Wong Abdullah, Tony Wong and Azah Yazmin Yusof.

Adrian, when he's not producing impactful corporate videos for, dreams of sipping teh tarik at his organic farm in Kota Bahru. He's had a hand in deploying websites, executing successful digital media and marketing campaigns, and co-founded Enitiator Sdn Bhd in 2001. He was previously involved with product marketing for mobile handset brands like Nokia, Motorola & Huawei. See his work here

Tony, a gadget freak, is the founder of Splices Creative with an 18-year experience in editing various TV productions and commercials. One of the more famous TV series that Tony was involved is 3R: Relax, Respect & Respond with Red Communications. Some samples of Tony's craft is here

Azah - many remember her as one of the faces of TV programme 3R: Relax, Respect & Respond who is also an accomplished actress and emcee. She is also a Syariah lawyer; a psychologist by profession and a champion of Women's Aid Organization, Malaysian AIDS Council and UNICEF. See more of Azah here

Location (Ipoh) Ideation: Janice - a brand & marketing consultant from Ipoh. Find out more about Janice, here

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