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Food and Arts of the Middle East Festival (FAME Festival)

A community project where you can learn and appreciate the cultural heritage of the refugee communit


Food and Arts of the Middle East or better known as FAME Festival is a two day event happening at Blackbox and Whitebox in Publika on the 4th - 5th of March 2017.

The idea came to life in order to showcase the talent and heritage of the displaced refugees from Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Palestine who are currently residing in Malaysia.

Curated by the ladies at Wavemakers (Sasha, Nadzirah and Rachel), the event will showcase a selection of food and arts and crafts at the bazaar held throughout the day while cooking workshops will also be held at Nathalie's Gourmet Studio for those who want to learn how to cook Arabic cuisine.

At night, guests can expect to enjoy a moving performance by the refugees which is directed by local actor and TV host Razif Hashim.

Why Support Us?

With no access to employment or education, refugees in Malaysia live in conditions that aren't beneficial for the long term. From the constant concern over a chance for resettlement to worries on how to feed their children daily, the struggle of these families are an important reminder of how difficult life is for a refugee.

By supporting our cause, you will be able to provide income for 30 families whilst learning to appreciate their cultural heritage. It is a chance to be enlightened while lightening their current burdens. Every help given will certainly go a long way so let us come together and bring our cultures closer.


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Additional Information

Razif Hashim
Razif Hashim has been an actor, TV host, Radio Announcer and Emcee since 2003. In 2012 he discovered a passion for education and entrepreneurship and started dabbling in training through experiential learning for presentations, team building and personal development.

Norlin Othman
With over 25 years of experience in event organising, Norlin has curated and created events all over Malaysia including Terengganu's Visit Terengganu Year and Sarawak's Kuching Waterfront Carnival. Additionally having owned her own company specialising in inbound tourism, Norlin has received recognition for contributing to the annual growth of Malaysia's travel industry.

Nadzirah Hashim
Articulate, creative and enthusiastic, Nadzirah holds a degree in Politics from Queen Mary, University of London (so you can expect tactful and creative solutions). She has built a career researching, writing, marketing and branding for industries such as fashion, beauty, banking and personal growth.

Sasha Yusof
Based in sunny Kuala Lumpur and armed with a degree in Mass Communications & Journalism from Murdoch University Western Australia, Sasha is a trained writer, avid traveller and mildly obsessed social media user who was written for a variety of publications including Marie Claire Malaysia, Aesthetics Magazine, Faces Magazine and WanderLuxe.

Rachel Lai
With both offline and online marketing expertise, self-made entrepreneur Rachel is known for building collaborations. A globetrotter who majored in International Relations & Communications at Monash University, she specializes in branding and communications for industries like food and beverage, logistics, hospitality, lifestyle, fashion and travel.

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