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PurpleLily Community Women Fund

A community project. Promoting financial literacy in Sarawak


There is a need to promote financial literacy in Sarawak. The lack of financial management skills is a significant issue in Sarawak and has deteriorative impacts on youth and families. Many families are caught in financial problems due to their limited knowledge and skills to manage money.


PurpleLily is an NGO which promotes Financial Literacy and Women Empowerment in Sarawak. Since May 2012, We have delivered Financial Education and Life Skills training for over 3000 women in Sarawak. We are conducting training to meet the needs of women from low socio-economic status by strengthening their confidence and knowledge to improve their finance situation. We are also running Training of Trainers (TOT) projects, which train local women to become Associate Facilitators, and they would go back to their respective communities to train other women.

PurpleLily believes that women act as agents of change in families, and by training women we can bring a lasting impacts to communities. You should support us to launch new community projects because the work we do has great impacts in local communities, our project does the following:

  • Help women from low socioeconomic background to build confidence and motivation, teach them basic financial planning skills and tools.

  • Promote financial literacy in rural families and trained women to be the agent of change in their families and communities.

  • To develop greater financial awareness in Sarawak.

  • To empower young school girls of their mental and socio-emotional capabilities.

We conduct Life Skills trainings which includes: Building Confidence, Stress Management, Motivation, Goal Setting, Communication, Presentation Skills, Positive Thinking, and Five Healthy Habits.

Our Financial Education program is a comprehensive and structured learning curriculum that consists of "step by step approach" of financial management skills. The women are taught about expense tracking, cash flow management, saving plan, budget making, emergency fund and money-wise tips. Our workshop facilitators are qualified Financial Literacy Trainers of 1Azam certified by The Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) under Bank Negara Malaysia.


Meena worked as a cleaner and she remained many years as a low-income earner, saving only RM25 to RM50 every month. Meena attended PurpleLily's financial management and life skill training workshops in 2012. The workshops helped Meena to set specific financial goals, track and manage her monthly expenses, create a financial budget and plan. Meena is motivated to do extra part-time work after the workshops. She managed to reimburse her car loan and has been saving RM 350 per month. Meena is a different person now as she has become a confident woman compared to before. To show her gratitude to PurpleLily, she volunteered for us as a translator in our community project. Meena has also helped a friend of hers to overcome problems by using the strategies learnt from PurpleLily workshops.

"I feel very lucky that I was selected to participate in PurpleLily Training of Trainers (TOT) program. This is my best chance to help the women in my village. PurpleLily has helped us women to improve our lives. I can see how the participants have begun to apply what they have learned from the workshops in their daily lives, especially in financial management."
-Disah Sanisah Binti Bujang, Kampung Nanas, Simunjan

We need a funding of RM 6,000 to run new community projects in rural Sarawak. The costs include:

  • Workshop printing, stationaries and activity materials

  • Certificate, report, evaluation and feedback sheets

  • Transportation and accommodation for PurpleLily Volunteers (to deliver workshops in rural areas

  • Rental of the venue

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Our organisation is young and vibrant, although our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of experiences and skills, we are united by our passion and dedication to the cause of empowering women. We want to make a difference and we work tirelessly to do so. Some of our volunteers are very good networkers, others focus on facilitating workshops or helping with administration tasks. We utilise individual strengths and team spirit to make things happened. We have an active team of members whose roles includes: project manager, programme coordinator, office manager, facilitators and team coordinator. We also have committed volunteers that can help us in workshop training and fundraising activities. We are supported by an Executive Committee which helps us at strategic level and share their expertise. We are continuously expanding our links in the community.


Ginette Collin founded PurpleLily in May 2012. She provided the seed funding to start the organisation, developed and implemented the strategy and processes and designed & developed Life Skills and Financial Literacy workshops. Ginette Collin is a former Performance Development Manager and ESL teacher. She has a background in starting up and managing small businesses. She has worked and has been involved in community initiatives in Ecuador (South America), Gaza City (Palestinian Territories), United Arab Emirates (Middle East) and directly supports education development initiatives in Tanzania (Africa). She has been designing, developing and delivering Life Skills Training courses to women in the UAE. Further to this, Ginette conducted research into the "Mental Toughness" of women in the UAE which was published. She is also a published columnist for a Middle Eastern Magazine, where she wrote a Self Development monthly column.


Suraya has an MBA from UNIMAS and worked as a lecturer at UNITAR and Swinburne University. She is passionate about children and women's issues. She brings to PurpleLily local expertise and knowledge. Suraya is instrumental in programme delivery and facilitation, contextualising cultural customs and traditions. Also, she further develops and strengthens local links and ties with the local communities.


Li Na is the Founder and Director of AFFIRMATIVE which focuses on finding job opportunities for unemployed and low-income women. With her extensive knowledge in various sectors, both local and international, she endeavors to connect PurpleLily with other organisations. She has a real passion to give back to the community and with her ideas and knowledge she is an invaluable member of the team.

Office Manager & Facilitator

Muna has recently joined the PurpleLily Team. She graduated in Civil Engineering the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environment at UTHM. As a trained engineer, she brings excellent administration, organisational and problem solving skills to PurpleLily. She has outstanding IT skills, work ethics and very good financial management knowledge. She is a dedicated team player, always smiling and ready to contribute and help the team. She is passionate about team work and leadership which perfectly suits her involvement in the PurpleLily Girls programme. Muna is our Social Media expert, likes to meet new people and giving back to the community.

PurpleLily Coordinator & Fundraiser

Phoebe has recently joined the PurpleLily Team. Graduated from University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science in Agroecology, she is passionate for positive social change and wish to devote herself to help the impoverish communities in Sarawak. Previously she had worked with International Environmental NGO assisting in sustainable supply chain consulting projects. Her background in recruitment industry provides her experiences in business development and client management. She is also member of Society of Wilderness Sarawak (SOWS) and Toastmaster Club. Her interests lie in poverty, environmental conservation, indigenous rights issues and education.