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A community project. To empower and advocate freedom of choice in the underprivileged and urban poor


#ShopSomethingNice is a project by zubedy and Accenture to benefit the underprivileged and the urban poor. Set in a retail-like setting whereby 100 families will be given a voucher worth of RM200, the project seeks to empower them by giving them the freedom of choice.

Many times we hear the saying, "beggars can't be choosers". We would like to change this mentality as everyone should be given the freedom to choose.

Thus, this project is hoped to give them the confidence to move forward and improve their lives.

Held in PPR Kota Damansara on the 3rd of October 2015, we are seeking your kind sponsor for goods, products and cash worth RM10,000. The products and cash pledged will be used to purchase products for the underprivileged during the #ShopSomethingNice project.

This is also to encourage positivity and love towards the community, spread love towards the community, to encourage a chain of feel good movement among the community, to set a good example to your children as parents are their role models and to help fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters who are in need.

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The #ShopSomethingNice project is organized by the #SaySomethingNice campaign team and Accenture, a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.

Held during the 17 day period from Hari Merdeka (31st August) to Hari Malaysia (16th September) annually, the #SaySomethingNice campaign is a campaign by zubedy, a soft skills training company.

The #SaySomethingNice campaign is a campaign by Malaysians for Malaysians. Various unity themed projects are held during the campaign period and everybody are encouraged to join.

We are a small group of passionate people with a big dream - that is to unite Malaysia. With all the negativities, we hope that with this campaign, we would be able to combat and spread positivity to others.