Teeb TV

ACCESS. That's what we provide.

The "Netflix for Indie" - streaming 100+ of Indie films and short films from festivals, music, and program from Southeast Asia.

We believe independent filmmakers, musicians and artists should be given a chance to showcase their talents and materials without being sidelined by tough mainstream pre-requisites.

The ability to showcase raw and amazing contents at an incredibly discounted price, on every device you own. We bring raw talents and materials to a world of entertainment to everyone who shares our passion for independent contents.

We make it easier for you to get an instant access to a memorable experience of growing up in the entertainment industry. We empower both the content producers and viewers by giving you to witness the meaning of making it big.

We rediscover the earliest moments of talents being recognized from shows, festivals and self-submission to the passion in arts. We're committed to bringing all these experiences to as many people as possible.

This is the culture of Teeb TV.

Let's SUPPORT them through this CROWDFUNDING platform so that they can continue to discover their masterpieces.