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Teksi - A Short Film by Nizran Noordin. A Project Under Film and Video.



The STAR recently covered a story on KL taxi drivers. I am sure you've heard the horror stories surrounding KL taxi drivers, who had earned the city the reputation of having the worst taxi drivers in the world, according to

Other views by the popular travel website Tripadvisor, has also warned travellers about KL's errant taxi drivers who "refuse to use the meter, quoting a fare often with the view of ripping you off".

"This quoted fare is generally akin to daylight robbery, and sometimes when haggling takes place, it is reciprocated with rude gestures or abusive language." adds Tripadvisor and on, a visitor posted: "I have travelled the world and from Bombay to Boston I can tell you the taxi drivers in KL are the biggest pack of thieving lying dirt bags you will ever come across."

In fact these findings are not new or discovered this year. In fact, in year 2008, The Expat magazine had ranked Malaysia's taxi drivers as the worst in the world based on survey conducted among 200 respondents from 30 countries.

Not a pleasant reading, is it?

But do we really know whether there is truth to such claims? If some bad apples caused these, why are they behaving in such a way?

Hence our project. Our project is called "TEKSI"


As the saying goes, "there are two sides to every coin" and hence, we'd like to cover the different stories told to you from 3 different backgrounds on their lives as taxi drivers.

The end product would be ten (10) episodes of short-films of ten (10) minutes each that will culminate into one (1) whole film known as "TEKSI".

As a new stakeholder in the taxi industry in Malaysia by virtue of being a technology service provider for taxi drivers, TaxiMonger feels that it is dutiful to defend and protect the rights of the taxi drivers. Hence, "TEKSI" will be a no-holds-barred film that will not align its interest to any parties but will represent the voice of taxi drivers, hence "TEKSI".


The objective of the short-film is to portray the actual lives of the majority of taxi drivers who ply passengers from morning until night daily to make an honest living. In this light, we hope the general public would be able to have a balanced view against the negative connotations of taxi drivers in Malaysia that are caused by a few bad apples.

In the short-film, we shall illustrate the contributing factors that lead to the trials and tribulations of many taxi drivers. We shall illustrate the contributing factors that lead to the challenges and obstacles faced by taxi drivers including but not limited to economic conditions and unfair trade practices such as coupon system and concessions by building owners.

In short, we want the general public to know that there are more honest taxi drivers than the bad ones. Also, we want the public to know why some of the errant taxi drivers are behaving the way they do. We also welcome pledges from overseas namely among expatriates and tourists who have had bad encounters with Malaysia's taxi drivers so that we can tell them our story, the story by taxi drivers themselves.

Our Request

We need USD20,000 to produce the short-film entitled "TEKSI", which we plan to broadcast syndicate it to major TV networks in the country and also the region. We shall also broadcast via YouTube, which could help the video to grow viral.

We hope that with your support, we can bring you that story that you may have not heard off.

Project Updates

Project Discussion

List of Pitchers

List of all people who had pitched/pledge money to this project

Mukhriz Mahathir RM100
Anonymous Pitcher RM500
Anonymous Pitcher RM10
Anonymous Pitcher RM50
Shamsul Jafni Shafie RM100
Amir Haris Ahmad RM10
Evangelos Lianos RM500
Watch Tower RM1000
Dr.V. Sivapalan RM100
Anonymous Pitcher RM10

About Me

Nizran Noordin

Count not what you have lost but what you have left. - Chinese proverb

Gender male
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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  • EPIWeb Sdn. Bhd.

Additional Information

About The Team

TaxiMonger is a virtual taxi call-centre that enables passengers to book taxis using their smartphones or PCs and in turn, taxi-drivers are able to receive more orders, which could translate into higher income. TaxiMonger is the winner of the MSC Malaysia APICTA 2012 Awards for Best Of Tourism & Hospitality category. TaxiMonger was also recently shortlisted as the Top 100 apps in Asia by OpenWebAsia.

The founding team comprises of myself, Nizran Noordin and my partners namely Firdaus Akbar Khan, Shafiu Hussain and Nizreen Noordin. I was a former merchant-banker-turned-entrepreneur. I have launched several technology businesses for the past eight (8) years. In year 2011, I won two (2) entrepreneurial awards in Malaysia. My role in TaxiMonger is as the CEO of TaxiMonger.

As for Shafiu, he is the CTO of TaxiMonger. He has been a web developer since year 2001. Shafiu is also a Cisco-certified network engineer. In the past, Shafiu had launched a startup called, a video-streaming project in the Maldives. Shafiu was the winner of HackWeekend 2 for the TaxiProfile application, which also won AirAsia Best Travel App award. TaxiProfile was later renamed as TaxiMonger.

The producer of the documentary film is Mohammad Jafni Abu Bakar or Mat Jepp, who is a professional television producer with 13 years experience working in the creative industry.

Among the notable work that Mohammad Jafni is responsible for are:

8TV MYEG Make The Pitch Season 2;
TV9 Kecoh Kenduri Sunlight;
8TV Gillette Vector Challenge;
TV3 SKii Songket Journey to Remember;
TV3 Rexona No Sweat Dance Challenge 2007;
TV3 Fair & Lovely Penuhi Hasrat Hatiku;
NTV7 Selamba Serius;
TV9 Mamee Slrrpp Menjana Impian;
TV3 Mystarz LG Season 1;
TV3 Sony Let's Handycam Challenge 2;
8TV Teman 1 and Teman Season 2;
Tv3 Jom Ronda Bersama Proton; and
NTV7 Road Home with Smile.