"pitchIN no longer accepts Reward Crowdfunding campaigns, thank you to all of our supporters.
Raise funds via Equity Crowdfunding or Token Crowdfunding

pitchIN helps project owners raise funds for their creative projects through crowd funding.

So long as you are a resident of Malaysia, aged 18 and above, you can propose your project in pitchIN, and there is NO joining fee! However, we acknowledge that great ideas can come from anywhere. Even from young people below the age of 18. In those cases, get your parents or guardian involved and we will assist you!

Does pitchIN take equity in any of the project?

No, we don't. Nor is equity allowed to be offered as "rewards" to supporters.

What about intellectual property?

No, we won't. pitchIN will not claim any IP belonging to any project featured in pitchIN. That will always remain the project owners. However, project owners are advised to also not claim IP's belonging to others in their project.

pitchIN is free? Really?

Joining pitchIN is free. Using pitchIN's service is free. However, if your project succeeds in raising the amount that you want, there will be aa Success Fee charged to the funds raised. There is also processing fees for Razer Merchant Services (formerly known as MOLPay), our financial payment gateway partner, if the funding is successful. If the funding is not successful, there are no charges. You really have nothing to lose here.

Project owners can also opt to choose whether their project goal is "Flexible" or "All or Nothing". The final decision will be made by pitchIN after we consider all factors pertaining to the project. The status of whether the project goal is "Flexible" or "All or Nothing" will be stated on the project page itself.

If a project is accorded "Flexible" status, what that mean is that the project will received whatever amount that has been raised on the final date of their campaign minus pitchIN's fee. For projects that are accorded "All or Nothing" status, that would mean the project would have to raise at least their minimum goal. Failure to reach their minimum goal will result in the project not receiving any money that was raised at the end of their campaign. If the project with the "All or Nothing" status raised the minimum or any amount above the minimum, pitchIN will charge a Success Fee over that amount.

The Success Fee are as follows:

Community-based projects: 2.5%

Commercial-based projects: 5%

Is crowd funding legal?

Crowd funding at pitchIN is simply a platform for raising money and gaining support for projects.

The crowdfunding model adopted by pitchIN is only for non-equity projects. People contribute money to a project (not a company) with no expectation of financial return. The reward for their contribution can be summed as such:

  1. Emotion (the good feeling that comes from having helped a worthy cause)
  2. Nominal (your name in the credits, a thank-you note from the project owners) and
  3. Product-based (you get one or more products from the first production run)

I like a project featured on pitchIN, and I want to support it. What do I have to do?

You can support the projects on pitchIN by either using the Secure Online Payment by Razer Merchant Services (formerly known as MOLPay). Once you agree to support a project, you van pledge by clicking the desired amount on the project page. You will then be asked to select a reward. From there, you will then choose either to use the Secure Online Payment by Razer Merchant Services (formerly known as MOLPay). Note that you must finish the process on either one of the payment gateway for your pledge to be recorded.

How do I know if my pledge goes through?

pitchIN will send you a notification that you have made a pledge of the amount you chose.

Can I cancel a pledge?

Yes. You can but before you decide to do so, we hope you take into consideration the project that you originally supported.

Will my credit card be charged when I make a pledge?

Your credit card will be charged upon your pledge. However, if the project's status is "All or Nothing", if the project fails to raise the minimum, then pitchIN will return the amount that you had pledged.

How will I know if the project I back meet its funding goal?

pitchIN will send you an email when funding ends, no matter the outcome.

The project that I pledge meets its funding goal, when do I get my rewards?

The project owners are encouraged to inform their pledgers on the projects' pages of estimated delivery dates of rewards. If the information is not available, you can post a public comment or send a private message.

I want to pitch a project. What do I do?

If you have an idea and the passion to start a project, and need money to make it work, pitchIN is the place for you.

  • Identify the category that fits your project i.e. technology; games; photography; film & video; music or publishing.
  • Define your project, give it a focus. It's got to have a clear beginning with finite ending. An example is writing a book. The project finishes when you publish the book.
  • Know how much money you need to raise. This will be your funding goal. And don’t forget to set a deadline between 30 to 60 days to pitch your project on pitchIN. Do remember to factor in the 2.5% (community/charitable projects) and 5% (commercial) pitchIN fees as well as 2.4% payment gateway fees charged by Razer Merchant Services (formerly known as MOLPay).
  • Identify a series creative and interesting rewards for people who are going to make financial pledges to your project. Make the rewards worth their while (and the money they pledge).
  • And finally - Send your idea to us at [email protected]. Every submission will get a response. That is our promise to you.

What happens when my project is live on pitchIN?

This is when your campaign (and fun) begins. Tell your friends and families about your project and encourage, persuade, cajole, make a case for them to support you by making a pledge. Create your publicity drive using various social media tools to get the word out.

Monitor the progress of your project at pitchIN, and check for users' feedback and engage with them.

My project did not meet the funding goal. Do I still get the money that has been pledged?

If your project's status is "Flexible", you will receive whatever amount that was funded on the last date of your fundraising campaign. However, if your project status is "All or Nothing", you will only receive your funding if you raised your minimum. If you do not reach the minimum, no money changes hand and refunds will be made to the pledgers.

How do I make visitors to pitchIN pledge to my project?

We figure people will make a pledge to your project because:

  1. They like the idea behind your project enough to support it by making a financial pledge.
  2. Interesting and inspiring REWARDS that you offer.
  3. Your passion as told in your story in your campaign. Projects at pitchIN are labour of love by people doing something they are passionate about. Tell them your story, your passion and people may respond to that.

What can I offer as a reward?

Preferably, items produced by your projects - a copy of a book that you want to publish; CD of your film; special edition prints; limited edition tee-shirts with the name of your project on it.

However, there are items that cannot be offered as rewards like lotteries, coupons, discounts, alcohol etc. Please see the Project Guidelines for details.