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MDeC's Social Crowdfunding Initiative For Malaysian NGOs

Crowdfunding Initiatives for Malaysian NGOs

The Digital Malaysia B40 Social Crowdfunding programme aims to facilitate the community's contribution towards social development programmes, by having digital platforms that supports the deployment of the programmes by multi-stakeholders. The outcome of the project are:

  • To increase community, private sector and NGOs' participation in social inclusion programmes involving the B40 community, especially in terms of monetary contribution and volunteering time.
  • To enhance the impact of societal development programs deployed to the B40 community

The Digital Malaysia Social Crowdfunding Initiatives for Malaysian NGOs is a collaborative programme with the Registrar of Society. The approach for this programme is to equip Malaysian NGOs with the knowledge on developing a Social Crowdfunding Campaign, whilst establishing the proper governance level to ensure that the NGOs qualify for CSR funds through a crowdfunding platform.