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Contact: Steve Baron

A personal tag to provide the right information at the right timing.

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1 May 2014 15 June 2014


Project Summary

"AboutMe" is a personal tag to provide the right information at the right timing. Basic information like your name and emergency contact will be engraved on a high quality stainless steel material.

While the QR code will only allow medical personal to access to your database such as blood type, medical history and medical allergic. "AboutMe" makes your critical medical information available anywhere you go in the world 24/7.

What are the real problems?

1. There is always chance of unexpected accident while doing outdoor activities; the worst scenario could lead to loss of consciousness. How are you going to let others to identify yourself?
2. What's your medical history? What's your blood type? Any allergies to any medication? Do you have serious medical condition, such as Diabetes, Epilepsy or Asthma? "AboutMe" could convey your information when needed.
3. If your loved one suffers from Dementia, Mental Illness, and Aphasia Stroke, they might have difficulty to express themselves. The helping hands could reach your loved ones through "AboutMe" personal tag.

How "AboutMe" personal tag solve your problems?

"AboutMe" personal tag will allow the first responders or the medical personal to know "who you are?", "what is your emergency contact?" and "what action to be taken?" during that critical moment. In emergency, every second count, "AboutMe" will help medical personal to make the right decision with best treatment in shortest time possible. The QR code will allow medical personal to access to your database which contains basic but yet important personal profile:

Why you should have personalised "AboutMe" for you and your loved one?

1. It is as important as putting on a seat belt when you driving a car, or strapping on a helmet when you riding a motorbike.
2. It is crucial for active person like runner, cyclist, hiker, swimmer, or someone who spend long hour in outdoor activities, to be able to identify yourself in case you are involved in an unexpected accident.
3. Every second counts in critical moment, you definitely want your family to be contacted immediately.
4. The "AboutMe" personal tag is made from reliable and sporty look material, to make it stylish and fashionable identification gear.
5. The strap was made from durable and comfortable material. It also carries reflective stripes to enhance visibility when training in the dark.

Privacy & security

1. Only you have the complete access to personalised data base, to update, alter or delete the information.
2. The medical personal can only read your personal info and medical profile once they scan the QR code.


We would encourage you to connect your Facebook with pitchIN before you pitch to the project. If not, your pitch will be identified as "anonymous" in the Project Page. However, if you choose to pitch anonymously, pitchIN would still have your information. We think it would be just awesome if we can see and identify our supporters in the wall of pitchers.


A pitcher/pledger does not need a PayPal account to pitch or pledge. What he/she needs is a credit card (Mastercard/Visa) or a debit card.

However, if you are not comfortable doing an online pitch/pledge - you can transfer the money directly to the pitchIN account as follows:

Maybank 564892100684

WATCHTOWER AND FRIENDS SDN BHD is the company that owns and runs pitchIN.

However, the person must send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt to the email address: [email protected] with the Subject Heading: AboutMe. Upon receiving that, the folks at pitchIN can then quickly update the project page.

Thank you again and we do hope you will support the project!

AboutMe Team

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