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Affordable luxury: Gentle 18% Vitamin C Serum that works

Contact: Cynthia Lee

Holy grail gentle multi-active ingredient serum with cosmetically elegant formulation to counter uneven skin tone & pigmentations

RM 698

pledge of RM 15,000 goal

6 October 2022 5 December 2022


Project Summary

About encorium®

encorium® has created the CE3 Brightening Buffet, a well researched, holy grail all-in-one serum that combines multi-active ingredients in gentle and cosmetically elegant formulation to counter pre-mature aging, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 

We  officially launched on Aug 20 this year. Launching this product was rather an adventure. We tried to launch last year, after months and months of reformulations to get the best concoction for dark spots, dehydrated skin and fine lines, but we hit pause.

We gave away over 500 units of product free for testing instead in exchange for feedback. About 80% of the testers reported skin brightening effect within 14 days.

The test results  gave us the confident that on product efficiency, we were uncertain about the shelf life. Since our formulation has 18% L-ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C), oxidisation was an issue. Most of the testers also hated the initial packaging. That led us back to drawing board with the formulation process and packaging design.

We kept what the testers loved about it:

  • 18% L-ascorbic acid (LAA) for that awesome brightening effect
  • Clever combination of Tocotrienols (E3) and tocopherols to boost the effect of LAA
  • Ferulic Acid for not only that extra boost of antioxidants but to create a stronger synergy between LAA, E3 and tocopherol to help brighten skin tone and prevent dark spots more efficiently
  • 3 types of hyluronic acid for instant hydration and skin plumping effect

We have sold hundreds of packs since our launch and have a repeat purchase rate of 54.84% just within the first month of sale.

About the Founder

I am Cynthia, a very passionate skincare nerd who found salvation in skincare from the tender age of 13!

I was a pimply kid in school. I have had bad skin since I was 10! So bad that someone I thought was a good friend stopped our kiddy conversation midway, looked at me with disgust, and said, “OMG! CYNTHIA! YOUR FACE IS SO CACAT (deformed)!”

That affected my self-esteem. After that incident, I never dared look anyone in the eye while having a conversation again. I couldn't bear to see that look of disgust by anyone ever again.

Things changed for the better years later. My other good friend’s mom was studying to be a beautician. Maybe she took pity on me. Maybe she just wanted a face to practice on. She gave me free facials and advised me on proper skincare.

That meaningful gesture introduced me into another world — I became a skincare nerd. I consume information on skincare like Malaysians consume nasi lemak!

I relied on a lot of products to not look cacat. Saved my lunch money to buy proper skincare. I spent hundreds on facials each month when I started working. The obsession got more expensive as my earning capacity grew. Hundreds became thousands!

That, however, was short-lived. It became unsustainable when I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2014. There was a point where I could not even afford my car installments, let alone salon skincare.

So I tried different ways to maintain my skin. I went through a phase of making my products from kitchen ingredients such as honey, milk, oatmeal and coconut oil. That obviously did not work!

Then I started researching salon skincare ingredients and looked for cheaper alternatives. Some in the form of pharmacy brands. Others were single active indie brands. They all worked pretty well, thank God for that!

The knowledge I have gathered sparked a new ambition. It ignited the desire to create products for people like me— want Drunk Elephant quality serum but can’t afford to pay RM400 each time. A chance meeting with a French microbiome scientist based in Japan in 2017 was the push I needed.

The new resolution from that chance meeting brought me to other chance meeting with a Tocotrienols producer then another damn skillful formulator locally.

Upon learning how Tocotrienols are 60 times more bioactive than ordinary vitamin E and that they are available abundantly in Malaysia, I decided on using Tocotrienols to boost the Vit C serum I was producing.

That everyone was how the brand encorium® started.

Does the product work?

What we need/How the funds will be utilised?

The product is ready and I am now seeking funds to market the product for the next two months.

Marketing cost breakdown:

No Initiatives Costs
1. Development of marketing assets RM7,000
2. Social media marketing for Nov & Dec 2022 RM8,000


Project Timeline

Timeline Initiatives
Nov-Dec 2022 Delivery of products to funders
Dec 2022 onwards Social media marketing
June 2023 Production of new product line


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