Agak Agak

Contact: Ili Sulaiman

A community project by an F&B establishment, Agak Agak to promote practical apprenticeship and empowerment to individuals from underprivil

RM 26,541

pledge of RM 100,000 goal

9 May 2016 8 June 2016


Project Summary

Agak Agak is an F&B establishment and central kitchen that serves up delicious whole some Malaysian food with a twist in their eatery, food delivery service as well as event planning and catering services. However, Agak Agak is not just a regular kitchen with a regular eatery. The Agak Agak Initiative aims to employ individuals from underprivileged communities into their kitchen under an apprenticeship program for a year. The hope is so that these individuals are able to attain a holistic, practical apprenticeship in the world of F&B and Hospitality and empower them to better their life trajectory.

• Provide job opportunities for individuals from high need communities or for those who need a second chance
• Provide an alternative education through practical, on the job learning
Elevate the perception of the culinary profession within the F&B Industry in Malaysia
• Provide a skilled work force for the F&B Industry

The brain child and dream of two foodprenuers, Ili Sulaiman of Dish by Ili (a food delivery business and a TV host on Asian Food Channel) and Basira Yeusuff of Root Cellar KL (known for her guerilla/ out of the box, event, dining and catering company). Agak Agak is the outcome of two individuals who knew in order to grow their unique business needed the partnership and strengths of each other. Their aim(s) started off so simply yet humbling. They want to enhance the F&B industry and make it better (uplifting the profession), whilst leaving a mark (helping others), working together and building partnerships and employ the right individuals (who really deserve a chance and want to better themselves).

What will we do with this money?

Phase 1 (infrastructure stage to lay down solid foundations) - Target RM100k
Deposit Payment to secure location
Infrastructure work - Construction, building and fit in
Employment of team to manage business and run daily operations
Employment of a Program Director - to recruit, select and develop a solid program for our apprentices
Marketing and Branding - to keep you posted on what we do

KNOW THIS! we need a following RM100k for Phase TWO but trust that we have a plan:

May - Construction and fit in of Agak Agak
June - Soft launch (buka puasa and morreh at Agak Agak eatery)
July - Agak Agak eatery, food delivery and catering services available for all and recruitment of management team
August - Daily runnings of Agak Agak Fund Raising Phase 2
September - Daily runnings of Agak Agak and recruitment and selection of apprentices
October - Daily runnings of Agak Agak and recruitment and selection of apprentices
November - Daily runnings of Agak Agak and finalising details of the apprentices program
December - Daily runnings of Agak Agak and Orientation for Apprentices
January 2017 - Welcoming first batch of apprentices and daily runnings of Agak Agak

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