Arjuna's Nightmares: The Collection

Contact: Ahmad Lukman

Join the children who have been marked with the nightmare curses from opening the gateway to the Arjuna's Realm!

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Project Summary

What is Arjuna Nightmares: The Collection about?


Arjuna's Nightmares contains 3 short stories that are fun to read with your children. Each of the stories will feature a unique monster with distinctive features based on our own ideas. We want to create a book that not only helps children develop their sense of imagination, but also to teach them some valuable life lessons. Behind the magic and mystery of our story, the theme of our book emphasizes the importance and value of kindness, especially to our family members and close friends.


As well as being kind, the book also highlights what happens to people who bully others, and why they should never bully others. This thread is weaved throughout the storyline, where every time a child acts naughty or demonstrates bad behavior, the nightmares will come for them and put a mark on their wrist. This mark means that the child has been chosen as a vessel for the nightmares, allowing them to travel from Arjuna’s realm to our world. To remove the mark from their wrist, the children must forever be kind to everyone and never again demonstrate bad behavior.


Arjuna's Nightmares book mock-up


Synopsis for Arjuna Nightmares: The Collection




"There exists a land hidden from our eyes,

Filled with with creatures, from deep ocean to high skies.

They hide in the shadows, away from our stares,

These creatures – no, monster – are called by Nightmares.

The nightmares await, children beware,

For the bad ones will be chosen to be their lair.

A mark will appear, a doorway prepared,

Rue is the only way to be spared.

Arjuna’s nightmares will wait and see,

If you are selected, hee hee hee."


Who Are We?


Saudagar Karya is a group of parents that remember the old days where our parents scared us into being good. We are now re-imagining these stories from a bygone era into children’s books, so that we can once again share these moral tales with a new generation. We worked together with talented people from various countries to create the best illustrations, storyline and finally produced the children's book.


The book will be published by Albab Dot My. This groundbreaking publisher was established in 2021 as an incubator hub for people with interesting projects to develop and grow. This book is the pioneer project in the publishing category.


What We Hope to Achieve with Our Project


As a start-up company, we are looking to crowdfunding to grow interest in our book and raise funds to cover the basic printing and shipping costs. We are looking to raise RM5,000.00 which will help us to produce an initial run of 500 copies.


Based on that initial run, we then hope to make the book available in bookshops all over Malaysia, as well as available to purchase online from around the world. We also hope to translate the story into different languages in order for Arjuna’s Nightmares: The Collection to be enjoyed by as wide an audience as possible.


When will The Book be Ready?


The book is already in the printing process and will be ready to be distributed by the end of September and latest by early October this year.


Other Ways You Can Help


Please help spread the word about Arjuna’s Nightmares: The Collection by sharing our project on social media and with your friends and family members who may have children that would love to read this fantastic new book.




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