Contact: Hifzs Hidayah

Our mission is to create the healthy and sustainable lifestyle by designing and selling scarves, focusing on community-centered approach.

RM 1,100

pledge of RM 5,000 goal

15 February 2022 1 April 2022


Project Summary


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Hello everyone

currently our community have been online for other to join.

please visit 


Dear backers, 

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, and your contribution has made it that much easier to get things done and thrust us forward. We thank you for your support and for your desire to help us succeed in this venture.


[Highlights] With all due and respect, we are beyond grateful to have Mr. Sam Shafie, CEO of pitchIN himself to be contributing to our project. This is such a huge motivational booster for us to work harder!


Hello and assalamualaikum

Update for 15 feb

Currently project have been successfully live on pitchin and the deadline was 1 April. We hope our project will be fully funded before we proceed to invite all backers to our community.


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    No rewards. I just want to contribute.

  • RM 100

    5 backers

    Name engrave in packaging box and Free bawal Scarve ,Tote Bag ,got opportunity to share idea for next hijab production and more

    Unlimited slots

  • RM 200

    3 backers

    -Name engrave in packaging box and

    -Free Scarf ,Tote Bag

    -Got opportunity to share idea for next hijab production

    - 2 more bawal scarve

    Unlimited slots