Bear Necessities

Contact: Muhammad Najmi Arif bin Mohd Rosley

An art centric business that manufactures collectible items such as keyboard keycaps and miniature figures

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17 October 2022 1 December 2022


Project Summary

Bear Necessities 

Collectible items are not just a luxury, its a neccesity


We are a dedicated team of 4 members that likes creating art and collectible items for people to enjoy. The business sparked during the pandemic where most of us wanted to spend our time at home learning new skills.


What We Need & What You Get

We need funding in order to buy new equipment that will help us shorten the manufacturing time and cost. This is so that we can reduce cost and provide more affordable products for our customers.


The Impact

We wanted to make collectible items affordable for Malaysians as one of the few local manufacturers available. Everyone should be able to enjoy and purchase collectible items.


Other Ways You Can Help

Other ways you could help is by sharing our social media and tell everyone you know about our service 


Project Road Map

  • MVP Developement
  • Branding
  • Initial Sales
  • Shopee/Instagram Marketing
  • Opening Booths (Comic Fiesta)
  • Cold Email Corperate Clients
  • Opening Etsy Shop (International Artisan Marketplace)
  • Product Line Expansion
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