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Brand Aids

Contact: Evelyn Samuel

Evelyn Samuel. A must-have interactive Branding e-book for business owners. Brand Aids is an interactive e-book project by Evelyn Samuel,.

USD 2,421

pledge of USD 1,060 goal

12 June 2012 16 August 2012


Project Summary

A must-have interactive Branding e-book for business owners.

Brand Aids is an interactive e-book project by Evelyn Samuel, which is a compilation of 12 actual stories of how Branding helps to win customers and raise the profit value of a business. The businesses range from a national TV station to a single mum working from home, to someone doing multi-level marketing.

Through this project, Malaysians (in particular) will learn that if they Brand themselves and their products, their businesses will be more profitable. They will not need to engage in price wars because they'd have a competitive edge which customers will pay for.


USD1,060 for the following services:

Copywriter to write up the case studies in simple, easy-to-understand language;
Proof-reader to check the text for grammar and punctuation;
Illustrator to prepare audio and visuals to make the text interesting;
Publisher to combine rich-media and e-commerce to make the e-book's interactivity an experience which users will enjoy and recommend to their colleagues; and
Editor to supervise all the tasks.


Evelyn Samuel - Certified Professional Trainer, is passionate about creating Learning tools which empower individuals. She regularly conducts workshops and gives talks on Branding for business owners and their teams. Her innovation, Mobile Coach, has won many academic awards plus professional recognition for Transforming Teaching and Learning. It was chosen as one of the top 100 viable and scalable 100 ideas by iconic founders from Silicon Valley.

It is her dream that by empowering small businesses - they are 95% of the national economies in most countries including Malaysia - there will be an economic turnaround.

You can get free tips are on her blog "Brands Help Heal", which was started in 2010.

Follow Evelyn at the Brand Aids Facebook Page here


Evelyn's team members consist of:

Christine Hall - Editor and co-founder of learning & development company Atheneum Communications Sdn Bhd

Vadivelu Batumalai - e-publisher & web designer

Tiras Chin - illustrator & graphic designer

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    You will receive a frame-able thank-you note via email, from the BrandAid$ team

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    You will have your opinion (with email) of our project published on a special portal dedicated to business people and be famous!

    Profanities and offensive comments will be disallowed though. I reserve the right of refusal. It will be published before the end September to promote you to the international readers of Bizspace.Asia.

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    PDF version of the book by mid October - before it is released, (full price is USD 14.99)

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    Your name will be acknowledged in the final version of the e-book for everyone to see and you will get a copy too, of course! The e-book

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    A skype call from me with an answer to up to 3 questions you have about branding, and the final version of the e-book. I will call you before the end of September, and you will receive the book before the end of October.

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    A podcast of the 12 stories, + get the final version of the e-book. The podcast will be ready in September, and you will receive both before by the end of October.

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    You will be invited to be my guest at an exclusive luncheon talk by me on Branding as a Sales Tool, to be held in Kuala Lumpur before 30th November, + get the final version of the e-book. This invitation is transferable to anyone you like and makes a great gift too!

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    Up to 4 backers will get a consultation and written Brand Strategy for their business from me before December 31st, along with the final version of the e-book.

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    Up to 5 backers within Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei will be video recorded about their business success, and the videos will be promoted globally via social media before December 31st 2012. You will also get the final version of the e-book.

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