BREW 9 Expansion

By: Mirshal Lourdusamy

Expanding Brew 9 from a humble home cafe into a shop lot to cater the demand of our neighbours and existing customers.

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Project Summary

Short Summary

It all started in Brunei. I moved there in 2016, completely alone. I didn’t know anyone, and I wasn’t sure how to reach out to people around me. I wanted to make an honest living with something I loved and wholeheartedly serve the community around me.
That’s when the idea of Brew 9 came to me. Coffee and connecting with people have always come together for me. Whenever I visited cafes, I’d sit by the counter to have long chats and ask never-ending questions to the baristas. I learned a lot, but the best part was building new connections.
Which is why even before I sold coffee, I’d invite friends and neighbours over to have a chat and let them try the cold brews. I gathered the feedback, did more research and improved the taste each time.


Finally, I was ready to start selling. From a few bottles sold in Brunei from home, to 20 or 30 bottles sold at each pop up stall in Brunei, to over 3000 bottles sold in Malaysia today (in less than a year). It’s been an incredible journey. But more importantly, it’s been a shared journey.



I got trained as a barista at cafes serving Specialty Coffee. I wanted to grow my passion and to learn skills, the life of working in the F&B industry and to be part of the coffee culture.



A friend pitched in to design Brew 9’s logo and the bottle labels, while another friend designed the business cards.
Every small gesture, every single photo taken by a customer, every single video posted on Instagram or review on our delivery platforms, and even the emotional support from friends and family has brought Brew 9 to where it is now.


So, it seems only natural that Brew 9 continues to belong to everyone. That’s why we’re crowdfunding. We’ve loved operating from our little home café, but now we’d like to expand to serve even more people at a new location within the neighbourhood.



What We Need & What You Get

My family has been a huge support in kick-starting the Brew 9 dream. And although starting a café requires huge capital, we’d like to keep it simple and serve the neighbourhood.
We need an additional RM50,000-RM70,000. This would be for:
1. Kitchen equipment setup
2. Furniture
3. Lightings
4. Cutleries
5. Décor
6. Additional coffee equipments (espresso machine & grinder) to serve the growing demand when necessary.

When we manage to raise more funds, they WILL BE directed to our hardworking staff to meet their required living expenses and necessities, promotions for our neighbours and improve in the production of our beverages and food. What we are raising through this crowdfunding is at its bare minimum and we will learn to go through this hardship and spread the joy of our business wholeheartedly.

We are also starting a community effort to contribute and donate unused or additional
dining furniture for us to repurpose. This will help us reduce our expenses.




Loyalty Card

Each one of you will receive a loyalty card to redeem free drinks and coffee beans with each contribution in this funding.

Contribution of RM50: Any 2 free beverage (value of RM34)

Contribution of RM200 donated: Any 4 free beverage and 1 bag of 250g Specialty Coffee Beans (value of RM125)

Contribution of RM500 donated: Any 10 free beverage and 1 bag of 250g Specialty Coffee Beans (value of RM225)

Contribution of RM1000: Enjoy a table for 2 pax with anything to order from the menu with a cap of RM150 and get EXCLUSIVE INVITATION to our Pre-Launch event which is closed to public and a polaroid photo taken to be posted on our feature wall at Brew 9.

*all free beverage excludes 1 Litre beverage and Cold Brew Concentrate *


Besides that, any amount can be contributed and we are very very grateful for every single support in this journey.

If you prefer to remain anonymous and would like to contribute without a reward, please do as well.


The Impact

Every contribution has made an impact to Brew 9’s success. From hitting only RM50 in daily sales, to RM100 and now to an easy RM1,000 in daily sales, it’s been an incredible story of growth.
Starting up isn’t easy. It’s a lot of hard work, long nights, mishaps and extreme tiredness. But like seeing a child take her first few steps to then seeing her run, all of it is starting to pay off.
As the demands of our home café increases, we would love to meet that demand and give our best with starting a café to serve more and more people.

Risks & Challenges

We feel ready and prepared to make changes and adjust accordingly if this business model fails. I believe that there will always be risks in business, and one business model is never certain. A business that survives is one that caters to the community’s needs.
When times change and the days get more challenging, Brew 9 will share our story for all of you to benefit from and grow. If Brew 9 is not a space in the future to serve coffee and food, we will definitely make it a space for the community to come together. It will always be a space to unite our neighbours.


Pledgers can transfer their pledge using the Secure Online Payment by

Razer Merchant Services

Razer Merchant Services allows payment using credit card or other online banking services (FPX, CIMBClicks, Maybank2u and etc.)

However, if you are not comfortable doing an online pitch/pledge - you can transfer the money directly to the pitchIN account as follows:

Pitch Platforms Sdn Bhd
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After making the bank transfer, please send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt and your name to the email address: [email protected] with the Subject Heading: BREW 9 Expansion

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