Cat World Multiplayer Mobile

By: Tai Weng Hong

A Free-to-Play PVP multiplayer game for mobile with all cat characters inspired by Paladin and Overwatch.

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Project Summary


Cat world is a free-to-play multiplayer game in mobile platform which all the characters are cat. Cat world is featuring PVP fighting game between players with third person shooter controller, inspired by Paladin, Overwatch and Star Wars: Battlefront. Don’t want to read all the essay here? You may want to play the demo and experience the gameplay. Currently, the game can be played in Android smartphone but not in multiplayer because I haven't hosted a dedicated server yet. The demo can be downloaded at

Cat World is different than the other mobile game because:

  • Cat World is a third person shooter game that less in the average mobile game feature.
  • Easier controller, movement and attack unlike other games where camera rotation and action button are set differently.
  • The first game ever TPS magic PVP in mobile platform rather than shooting game.
  • In design manner, it is the first concept game that the character can run as a cat with 4 legs and stand when the character attack.
  • No annoying stamina, it is depending on player’s skill. Of course, there is stamina for heavy attack, but not for main function such as run and basic attack.


The Game

Cat World is multiplayer PVP mobile game which the player will play in a small map and in a short time per session to win the session. Cat World is believed to be easy player controller game in third person shooter in mobile platform.



Currently, I only created 2 characters. It would be many types of character as you can see many types of cat around the world.


  • Character collection: With various character classes for battle.
  • Character ability cards: changing the character ability before the battle.
  • Ranking: Play with the players that has same level as you.


Risks & Challenges

With my previous project for boboiboy game has taught me a lot. Check my previous project at The previous problem is it cannot be played in mobile due to some bugs in the game. Writing a complex game code has the implicit risk of bugs that cannot be fixed. I will look for someone that could help me together develop Malaysia game with no issue.

I am self-funded out of personal income to make this game. Your backing will allow to deliver the game earlier with more feature. Applying loan or grant from MDEC, apply ads in the game to earn income to create more interaction, more map, more characters and make this game as badass as possible.


Other Ways You Can Help

You can always help by sharing this project to your friends and family. You also can give a feedback to improve the game machanic and design. I appreciated every contribution from you. ๐Ÿ™


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