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Christmas cards by disabled and elderly living with HIV/AIDS

Contact: Sabina Arokiam

Light up lives this Christmas by buying artworks created by the residents of our non-profit care home who are living with HIV/AIDS.

RM 176

pledge of RM 10,000 goal

12 December 2019 11 January 2020


Project Summary

Short Summary

My name is  Sabina Arokiam; my father Alex is the founder of Positive Living Community (PLC). PLC is a non profit care home for disabled and elderly persons living with HIV/AIDS who have fallen through the cracks of our welfare system. Denied entry into government run welfare or nursing homes because they have a 'communicable' disease, PLC Care Home is  a last resort for many with no where else to turn to for life saving assistance.

This Christmas, PLC is raising funds by selling Christmas cards created by our residents who suffer from paralysis and disabilities, and draw daily as a form of occupational therapy to refine their limited motor skills.  Since our volunteers introduced an art program at the home in 2018, residents gladly spend their afternoons drawing and coloring. 30% of the proceeds from card sales are given directly to the residents, the remaining funds are going towards the home's resident care expenses.

The task we have  taken on is a challenging one, as we have no secure source of funding. We live from 'hand to mouth' and rely mostly on individual donors. Please become our partner and help us to restore dignity and increase quality of life for these disabled and elderly men with HIV/AIDS who are homeless and/or neglected. This includes but is not limited to providing a therapeutic care home and environment, enabling access to life-saving treatment, encouraging reconciliation with family and community, and empowering them by creating working opportunities.

This Christmas you can lighten up the lives of the ones you send postcards to, and also the lives of the ones who made the postcards!

What We Need & What You Get

Light up lives this Christmas by buying our Christmas tree-themed artworks created by our residents! Our goal is to sell 2000 cards, adding up to an amount of 10,000 MYR. To empower the residents and enable them to invest in the things they like, 30% of the proceeds are given directly to them. The remaining 70% goes to the resident’s care expenses, like medicines, medical equipment, meals, and if possible, to supplies for new art sessions.

We have printed three different artworks on the cards. Each artist is featured on the back of the card, and there is more than enough space for you to write your Christmas  greetings and spread the the true meaning of Christmas.

The Impact

Shelter, care, and support are the core services of PLC. My father and I work every day to create a therapeutic and healing community for those who are suffering from the effects of HIV/AIDS. With access to life saving treatment for people living with HIV made freely available by the government of Malaysia, the disabled homeless are the few who are not eligible for treatment. This is because easy access to the hospital and having stable and consistent living conditions are prerequisites to ensuring smooth adherence to treatment and hospital follow ups. Failure to take treatment on time, twice daily for the rest of one's life, will lead to immediate and fatal consequences - a risk that the government is not prepared to take. In response to the shortfall of the lack of support systems in place for the treatment of HIV & AIDS among the homeless disabled, Positive Living Community provides a stable, more mobile, supportive environment.

Read more about PLC on our website: www.plcwo.org

Other Ways You Can Help

Thank you for reading all the way to the end of this page! If you are looking for other ways to contribute to PLC, please check out our volunteer page, our Wishlist, or simply make a donation. Spread the word and together we can light up lives this Christmas.

  • Volunteer page: https://www.plcwo.org/volunteer
  • Wishlist: https://www.plcwo.org/wishlist
  • Donation: Positive Living Community, account no. 2142 7700 073818 (RHB)

For more information you can contact Sabina at [email protected].


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