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COVID-19 Grocery Aid 2021

Contact: Inbaraj Suppiah

Grassroots initiative based in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur to provide basic groceries and supplies to help families in this neighbourhood.

RM 17,290

pledge of RM 50,000 goal

3 July 2021 1 September 2021


Project Summary

COVID-19 Grocery Aid 2021 is a grassroots initiative based in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur to provide basic groceries and supplies to help underprivileged families in this neighbourhood survive during the COVID19 lockdown period and beyond. It is an initiative by a group of Malaysian professionals and entrepreneurs living in Taman Desa. Last year, we managed to crowdfund RM26,200 and help more than 200 families in this area and some around Klang Valley.

Currently, many of our past aid recipients from last year require help again, and we believe more families will be needing some kind of assistance due to the prolonged loss of income. We have decided to relaunch the GroceryAid crowdfunding campaign, so hope you will get onboard to help us!

What We Need

We are raising funds to prepare Grocery Aid packs worth RM100-200 each to be distributed to selected families who are in serious need. Our team will source and verify the recipients before delivering the aid packs. 


The Impact

RM100-200 worth of groceries can last about 2-4 weeks for a small family with basic needs. We may provide more than 1 pack per family if necessary. Our team members are sourcing for the details from potential recipients at Taman Desa and nearby areas right now so that we can verify which families really need help, and prepare for the fundraising campaign to complete. We hope to help these families overcome this challenging period without pushing them further into poverty.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're unable to contribute at the moment, feel free to help us promote this campaign. Every shoutout helps!

Team Members:

Inbaraj Suppiah, Entrepreneur & Community Builder
Adeline Chin, Legal Expert
Ali, Restaurant Chef

We have hit the RM5,000 milestone sooner than expected. We will kickoff batch 1 distribution very soon. In the midst of verifying our recipient list.

Great to see we have already reached more than RM2,000! Once we hit the RM5,000 mark we will start the distribution work.

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