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COVID-19 Grocery Aid

Contact: Inbaraj Suppiah

Grassroots initiative based in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur to provide basic groceries and supplies to help poor families in this neighbourhood.

RM 26,200

pledge of RM 10,000 goal

31 March 2020 30 June 2020


Project Summary

COVID-19 Grocery Aid for the Poor is a grassroots initiative based in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur to provide basic groceries and supplies to help poor families in this neighbourhood survive during the COVID19 Movement Control Order (MCO) period and beyond. It is an initiative by a group of Malaysian professionals and entrepreneurs living in Taman Desa, connected mainly through startup events. We wanted to see if anyone in our own neighbourhood are affected badly by the MCO since there are some flats and low-cost apartments nearby. Through one of our member we immediately found about 10 families already needing help; single mothers, families with head of the family with TPD, some lost jobs/income due to MCO, etc. Looking at the demographic of the population in those buildings, we suspect many more will have the same fate. Which is why we decided to launch this crowdfunding campaign.

What We Need

We are raising funds to prepare 100 Grocery Aid packs worth RM100 each to be distributed to selected families who are in serious need. Our team will source and verify the recipients before delivering the aid packs. We have teamed up with MyGroser.com to handle the supply and delivery, so once we have the funds and the recipients are verified, the MyGroser team will prepare the Grocery Aid packs with essential groceries worth RM100 and deliver directly since their team is already on the road everyday.

The Impact

We decided that RM100 worth of groceries can last about 1 week for a small family with basic needs. If the families need continuous help, we can work with smaller number of families but send weekly aid until the fund runs out. 2 of our team members are sourcing for the details from potential recipients at Taman Desa and Cheras area right now so that we can verify which families really need help, and prepare for the fundraising campaign to complete. We hope to help these families overcome this challenging period without pushing them further into poverty.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're unable to contribute at the moment, feel free to help us promote this campaign. Every shoutout helps!

Team Members:

  • Inbaraj Suppiah, Entrepreneur & Community Builder

  • Adeline Chin, Legal Expert

  • Dr. Neesa Amran, Medical Doctor

  • Ali, Restaurant Chef

  • Renuga, Volunteer

4th batch of 64 GroceryAid packs were delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you again for all your contribution and support to make this happen.

We have a dedicated FB page now. Please like our page https://www.facebook.com/groceryaidmy/



What we’re giving in our GroceryAid packs:

  • Jasmine Super Rice 5kg
  • Hup Seng Cracker x 2
  • Gula Prai 1kg
  • Ayam Sardine x 2
  • Vit's Noodles x 2
  • Vermicelli x 2
  • Chicken Eggs x 1 tray (30pcs)
  • Whole Chicken
  • Tomato 1kg
  • Red Onion 1kg
  • Potato 1.5kg
  • Carrot 1kg
  • Peas x 2 cans
  • Button Mushroom x 1 can

Comes to slightly more than RM100 but our partner http://MyGroser.com is charging us flat RM100 including delivery. We believe this is a balanced mix of fresh and canned food, suitable for a family of 4. Can last 1-2 weeks depends on how they stretch it.

We have raised RM17,348 so far for the #COVID19GroceryAid Project. We have already delivered 140 GroceryAid packs to 112 families. We're now receiving more requests from families needing aid, especially neighbours and friends of earlier recipients. Thank you so much for all your support. Please share this to help us reach more people.




2nd batch of #COVID19GroceryAid is being delivered today to 40 families. Although it’s just a small contribution, I really hope this will help them get through the MCO. We have raised RM15,268 so far. We have sent out 72 #COVID19GroceryAid packs (RM7,200 worth) to 60 families. We are now finalising the list of families for 3rd batch, including 25 Palestinian refugee families. If you know someone who needs help, do PM us for more info.


We have already delivered 23 GroceryAid packs to 20 families. Families with 5 pax and above get 2 packs each. For the 2nd batch, we have selected 40 families, with 49 more packs to be delivered within next week.

We have exceeded our target of RM10K within 4 days! Hope we can continue raising more money to help more people. Thank you so much everyone for contributing and making this initiative possible. Thank you so much from all of us at the #COVID19GroceryAid team!







Some background story on this project.

We hit 50% of our target already. Placing order for the first batch of Grocery Aid Packs. Thank you PitchIN for helping us to mobilize this effort. Thank you so much to all our backers. We really appreciate it.

The Maybank2U system is a bit unstable today, so some of you may experience error. You can use VISA credit card as an alternative or try again later. the PitchIN team is looking into the issue now.

We have now identified 15 familes that need help with groceries.

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