CushyKicks - Plush Home Sneaker Slippers!

Contact: Haziq Hilman

CushyKicks are plush home slippers inspired by famous sneaker designs! CushyKicks is the definition of combining maximum comfort with style!

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17 July 2020 31 August 2020


Project Summary

About CushyKicks

Our feet is one the the most hardworking part of our body. A study showed that on average, a person will walk an average distance of  8 kilometers per day, and will have walked about 120,700 kilometers by the time they turn 80. This is about the same distance as going around the entire earth at the Equator THREE TIMES! Talk about a marathon, huh?

As former Event Organizers, the CushyKicks team understands that after a day of walking around, when we get home, we just want to rest our feet. But then, getting up to go to the kitchen or a quick run to the bedroom after finding that sweet spot on the beanbag, is kind of a buzzkill.

We found out that plush, soft, and cozy materials that made up most of our home items helps us in relaxing. The CushyKicks team are also huge sneaker enthusiasts, so we thought, why don't we just combine plush and comfy materials with famous sneaker inspired design? At least, we could stay cozy and stylish at home! And CushyKicks was born.

Who can wear CushyKicks?

One would think that only consumers in the Sneakerheads market would want to have a pair of CushyKicks in their home. But in fact, we have done a survey with different target market groups such as people with Gout, Pregnant Moms, Office Workers, Out-of-Office Workers and Athletes and the results were outstanding! There are also our current consumers who just wanna have a pair of CushyKicks because they are just so cool and cozy!

Over 90% of each of these groups responded positive on the outer fleece/fluff material, thick yet soft foam padding, and the way the plush foam inside the slippers hold ther feet in a warm, cushy, and comfy way.

Our survey suggests that there are lots of people who would love to get their hands on a pair of CushyKicks to be worn either at home, in the office, and some even asked that if the material can withstand outdoor use. (The answer is yes it could but not on rough surfaces such as tar roads and concretes. Best suggestion to wear CushyKicks outdoors, is perhaps at the Mall.) 

What CushyKicks Has

We have a total of 17 variants of CushyKicks inspired by famous sneaker designs. Our products are priced at a retail price of RM159 each. Each purchase comes with a dustbag that enables you to bring along CushyKicks anywhere you want!

Additional info : All CushyKicks products are free size ; between UK5 - UK11

What CushyKicks Need

Right now, we want to raise RM80,000 of product pre-order funds to manufacture the inventory in bulk, website maintenance, and marketing campaigns.

Every contributor that contributes RM159 (price per unit) will receive a pair of CushyKicks (random design) shipped directly to your doorstep! In order to do this you will need to pledge the amount, save the receipt, and send an email to PitchIn with the details as below :

  • Name :
  • Phone Number :
  • Delivery Address

Your CushyKicks will be delivered to you two weeks after our pledging period ends in 45days.

If you do not want to pledge the amount of RM159 to receive a pair of CushyKicks, you are welcome to support us in any amount that you can or perhaps share our mission on social media to help us get more reach.

We aim to one day be the brand that resonates with stylish comfort home wear, by adding more variety of our CushyKicks products and also to expand our business more in the home accessories market. We highly appreciate any help and contribution that we can get.

CushyKicks. Combining feet comfort with style. Get yours now!

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