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Help us build a healthcare service platform that helps save you time and money!

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14 September 2022 13 November 2022

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Project Summary

Seeing a doctor at the clinic can cost a lot of time and money. Waiting for your turn at the clinic can take too much time and you may end up with an expensive bill just for a simple cough and flu diagnosis.

With Dr Buddyz, we aim to bridge this problem by providing a comprehensive healthcare platform where you can consult your doctors quickly through a simple online appointment. No more dragging yourself to the clinic when you can see a doctor within a few clicks on your phone. And if you are worried about getting your medicine, we’ll get that shipped to you too! If you’re looking into purchasing your prescription medication or supplements, just browse through our store and check out right away with our convenient payment methods!

Our goal is to make getting healthcare services as affordable, accessible, and straightforward as possible for everyone, and to make this happen, the amount we will need is RM50,000.

Break down for details:

Platform Development: RM35,000.00

Marketing: RM10,000.00

Hosting/Maintenance for 1 year: RM5,000.00

Some goodies exclusively for our backers:

Stage 1: You Back our Project (until 30th November 2022)

Goal: To raise RM50,000 by the end of November 2022

We’ll need your help to make our dream come true for us to kick start this project! Please help us by spreading the word or choosing to become one of our tiered sponsors.

Stage 2: We Build the Healthcare Platform (From 1st December 2022 – 28th February 2023)

Goal: To build the healthcare services platform and ensure it functions well for our users

We’ll start the integration work for our platform and perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in between this period to develop a user-friendly platform for all users.

Stage 3: Roll Out Time – Our doctors are ready to meet you! (from March 2023 onwards)

Goal: You can start booking your appointment dates for all our sponsors!

Book your first appointment with our list of friendly doctors and enjoy up to 1 year of a free consultation without any worries. We aim to help you fulfill your medical needs with ease, and we hope you’ll support our initiative too!


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