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Film Canisters - A New Life To Film Industries

Contact: Too Lik Jun

Giving a new life to used film canisters | Prompting a research in personal film developing methods

RM 93

pledge of RM 400 goal

22 November 2018 22 December 2018


Project Summary


Hello:)  I see you reading this. What is this, you say?

This is the key..chain to happiness! Well.. part of, I hope.

Let me introduce you to the film canister keychain! The title says it all - we bring in used and unwanted film canisters, and give them a new life by chain-ging them into keychains.

Did you see that coming? Heh.

Well, back to serious business. We are a bunch of students from Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus and are to-be mechanical engineers that might or might not change Malaysia into a better place. As an assignment for one of our modules, Business Skills for Engineers (BUS60403), we are required to carry out a crowdfunding project of our choice.

So, out of interest in films and photography, we decided to fund on our research of a Personal Film Developing Tank.

The tank above is still under research - we don't know whether does it work yet!

This tank is a creation for analogue film shooters - I mean roll up kind of films, not the ones we watch in cinemas - as the current developing method involves traveling to the photo lab to get their prized possession printed out. With the personal film developing tank, hobbyists can develop their own film with a cheaper price at home, which saves time and money.  I know not much people shoots photographs on film, but hey, a passion is cool, right? And it's for a good cause too!

Our goal for the crowdfunding is RM400, which we will be using the 100% of the funded money for the materials and apparatus that we are using in our research.

"What about the keychains you mentioned earlier?", you may ask.

These keychains are obtained from a local photo lab, where one of the teammates got to know of. He didn't want these anymore after the films inside it are developed, so we decided to make them into keychains to give them a new life. 

Well, those are free gifts for you! After your support, of course. They look nice, don't they?

Hmm.. What Do You Guys Need Then? What Can I get?

The RM 400 recieved from the funding here helps us with our research on the personal film developing tank mentioned earlier on. About 70% of the funded money will be used for 3D printing, electronical components and hardwares; while the other 30% will be contributed to purchase photographic films for testing on the prototype and further improvement.

As Malaysians, it's usual to get a freebie whenever you have to pay money. We understand you. 

It's the same for us - whenever you support us in funding, we give you free keychains! The perks are as below:

RM 3  for  1x Film Canister Keychain!

A very big thank you for your support! Put this keychain anywhere you like:D

RM 10  for  3x Keychains... How About 4?

Get 3x of the film canister keychains and get one limited edition keychain.. for free! Sharing is caring, right?

Please keep in mind that we are NOT selling them for profit, but to fund for our research! 

So, can you support us?

The Team

It's time to let you know about the team working behind the scenes.

A total of 5 people - Lim Zi Feng, Too Lik Jun, Wong Jiun Liang , Yap Jin Teck and Tang Ming Zhao are the people who are bringing you the greatness of the film canister keychains, and the ones who need to do the research for the film developing tank after the fun is over. 

Everything is handmade by us, no external parties are involved - except you, the supporters!

Too broke to donate? We understand. Really.

BUT !!! SHARE THIS to your friends, neighbour next door, that auntie selling kuih in pasar pagi, your highschool crush, your dogs and cats... whoever you think is relevant. You never know who is interested to help out, right?

Good things like this only come across your life once. Just DO IT. Pleaseee help us out!


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    1x Film Canister Keychain!
    A very big thank you for your support! Put this keychain anywhere you like:D

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    3x Keychains... How About 4?
    Get 3x of the film canister keychains and get one limited edition keychain.. for free! Sharing is caring, right?

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