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Contact: Jeson Lee Junzhen

My startup idea is a mobile app that aims to connect with your workout partners and to promote fitness in a global scale, Yes...

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4 June 2014 5 July 2014


Project Summary

My startup idea is a mobile app that aims to connect with your workout partners and to promote fitness in a global scale, Yes it's a fitness social network, in another word, a Facebook of fitness, I know there are a lot of fitness apps out there, but this is gonna be very different. It's a whole new platform design to connect with each workout friends that u met in the gym.

The reason I choose this idea is because firstly, I myself personally love to workout, and people are posting photos of them working out and the progression they have done all over the social network, like instagram, facebook and twitter. And so I was thinking why not we make a platform where they can share everything about fitness, so that it could improvise their communication and promote fitness in a global scale. There are more and more people going to gym and the age group is getting younger and younger, nowadays you can even see a 13 year old boy working out in the gym. Fitness market is growing larger and larger, if there's a platform that we could share our workout experience, share our workout progression, communicate with your workout partners ,to be more motivated to exercise to achieve your target and many more, we will not just achieve a nation who cares about fitness but a nation who are physically healthy.

My target market would be people who love to workout and the age group would be youth who are 13 to 35 year old. Some of the features I have planned to put in are 'wall' , where you can check in to the gym you are currently working out in, so that all of your friends will know that you are currently working our your biceps or your chest there and so they will come and join you. you can tweet about your workout, post an instavideo and photos, you can even share to your friends about the type of workout or the body part you are hitting currently in the gym, and you can share about the food you eat to improve your fitness

And besides that, there is profile feature where you can tell people about yourself, like the type of body you are born with, the type of body you are trying to achieve, for example, fitness model, body builder or clothing model and stuff. And you can tell people about your current body and the target you are trying to hit.

so without further ado, there is a 'progression' feature where you can show people about your workout progression. And a 'chart' feature where there will be charts showing your activeness in gym and also to compare with your friends. And there will also be a 'chat' feature where you can chat with your friends like how whatsapp does.

and here comes my favourite part ,this is where we will gain our revenue ,there will be a 'discover' feature, this discover feature will allowed gym trainers, fitness celebrity and gyms to market themselves there, and to market themselves, they need to pay 1 dollar per year to create a page to market themselves , and what makes it different from creating a Facebook page is that, Gymnet would suggest to the people who will be interested, and people who really need it unlike Facebook, it will be shared all over the place even to the people who don’t workout. Also, there will be a 'shop' feature, this feature allow fitness equipment shop for example Fitness Concept , fitness supplement shop like GNC or fitness magazine shop to sell their product online through Gymnet. And also, they would need to pay 10 dollar per year to get a license to sell there. And of course there will be more features but these are the main ones.

Through this system, those two features that I mentioned just now would actually act as a marketing strategy as well. Besides that we will also market ourselves through video marketing, advertising marketing and online marketing.


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