Funding for pro badminton players (NON PROFIT)

Contact: Andrew Chang

Seeking some funds for our professional badminton players to compete in tournaments in Europe starting Oct 2021 to Dec 2021 (NON PROFIT)

RM 200

pledge of RM 250,000 goal

30 August 2021 29 September 2021

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Project Summary

"Sports are not only to be enjoyed and celebrated but it works beyond that. Sports is the agent of unity and as Malaysians, we should be proud of that. We need all Malaysians to keep throwing their support. When sports can unite the people, it could also bring down the walls that are created by politics, race, and religion," - Syed Saddiq   




Tactical Badminton is a well-established badminton academy located in KL, Malaysia. Combining decades of competitive badminton know-how, sports science knowledge, and international experiencesour certified coaches headed by Coach Andrew Chang aims to assist and raise the level of Malaysia's badminton.

We have groomed and developed players from beginner level to state, national players, and international players.  



As we progress in a world that’s affected by the COVID pandemic, the spirit of unity begins to manifest within us. Embracing the change, we have begun to take measures to protect our families and our communities. Globally, we’ve accepted the fact that the norms have shifted and that we can overcome this pandemic together, as long as we’re united.

The pandemic has hit us hard. It has affected our lifestyle, restricted our movements, and limited our income. Despite that, the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Euro 2020 have been a great motivational booster and have shown us that we as humans can progress despite the challenges thrown at us. Seeing the national teams exhibiting the skills & endeavors reminds us of the dedication & discipline that they’ve harnessed come to fruition and the moment was savored throughout the world. It was truly a privilege to witness the ability of humans to unite and strive for success in times of trouble.

This fund-raising effort is a measure of support & unity to the athletes that embody the dedication & hard work, despite the difficulties faced during the pandemic. It is a stimulus for them to keep on fighting for their dreams, even if there are challenges ahead. This is our chance to unite for a purpose and that purpose will solidify our will, as humans, to forge ahead and rise through the difficult days ahead.

Our athletes are the means to our national inspirations. Unite with them today for a better tomorrow. Support them through the challenges that lie ahead and they will carry our will and spirit throughout the championship.


Three badminton athletes with a unified vision: To participate in international tournaments and elevate Malaysia’s status in the world of badminton. This can be achieved by gaining enough ranking points to qualify for the World Championship in Spain come this December 2021. To have sufficient points to participate in the World Championships 2021, we are aiming to win at least 4 out of 7 tournaments.


With the onset of the pandemic, international tournaments in Asia are being canceled. This has left us with no options but to compete in Europe from October 2021 to December 2021.

We’ve endlessly sought sponsorship from various organizations. Sadly, during these trying times, our requests have been declined. The costs to compete in the tournaments have been the biggest challenge. This is our last avenue and our spirit carries on. We’ve included the cost breakdowns for your consideration.


Cost for tournaments is more expensive these days as we are required to follow strict SOPs such as staying at official hotels, quarantine, and swab tests (these are incidental costs).


  1. DUTCH OPEN 2021 (13th to 17th October)
  2. DENMARK OPEN 2021 (19th to 24th October)
  3. FRENCH OPEN 2021 (26th to 31st October)
  4. GERMANY SAARLORLUX OPEN 2021 (2nd to 7th November)
  5. IRISH OPEN (17th to 20th November)
  6. SCOTLAND OPEN (25th to 28th November)
  7. WELSH INTERNATIONAL (1st to 4th December)
  8. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 (12th to 19TH December)


We would need around RM250,000 to compete in these tournaments. There would be around 3 to 4 players (including a coach) participating in these tournaments (depending on the budget).

Any extra funds will go to our junior development program such as competing in local tournaments. We (Tactical Badminton) are very active in going around the country, scouting junior talents from less fortunate families, and grooming them.  This project is in collaboration with Rotary Club Malaysia. Pictures of our last scouting program can be seen in our website photo gallery.


Month Dates Country Event Item Price (RM) Quantity Total (RM)
October 13-17   *depart on 9th Oct Netherlands YONEX Dutch Open 2021 Flight (MAS - NED)   *depart on 9th Oct 3500 1 3500
Accommodation 450 8 3600
Allowance 200 9 1800
Swab test 300 1 300
Total (RM) 9200
19-24 Denmark VICTOR Denmark Open 2021 Flight (NED - DEN) 600 1 600
Accommodation 756 7 5292
Allowance 200 8 1600
Swab test 300 1 300
Total (RM) 7792
26-31 France YONEX French Open 2021 Flight (DEN - FRA) 500 1 500
Accommodation 756 7 5292
Allowance 200 8 1600
Swab test 300 1 300
Total (RM) 7692
November 02-07 Germany Hylo Open 2021 Flight (FRA - GER) 500 1 500
Accommodation 500 7 3500
Allowance 200 8 1600
Swab test 300 1 300
Total (RM) 5900
08-15 Germany Training Transport & Hostel 1000 1 1000
Allowance 250 8 2000
Total (RM) 3000
17-20 Ireland Irish Open 2021 Flight (GER - IRL) 2200 1 2200
Accommodation 420 6 2520
Allowance 200 7 1400
Swab test 300 1 300
Total (RM) 6420
25-28 Scotland Scottish Open 2021 Flight (IRL - SCO) 300 1 300
Accommodation 420 6 2520
Allowance 200 7 1400
Swab test 300 1 300
Total (RM) 4520
December 01-04 Wales VICTOR Welsh International Badminton Championship 2021 Flight (SCO - WAL) 800 1 800
Accommodation 420 6 2520
Allowance 200 7 1400
Swab test 300 1 300
Total (RM) 5020
12-19   *depart on 5th Dec Spain TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2021 Flight (WAL - ESP)    *depart on 5th Dec 800 1 800
Accommodation 810 14 11340
Allowance 200 15 3000
Swab test 300 1 300
Total (RM) 15440
20-02 Malaysia Quarantine Flight (ESP - MAS) 3500 1 3500
Quarantine 150 14 2100
Swab test 150 2 300
Total (RM) 5900
        *Grand Total (RM) 70884




The main players the funds are going to are Vivian Hoo and Lim Chiew Sien. Both are well-established players in their own rights. Both still have the burning desire to win, as they are dedicated to their craft. These players will be participating in the Women's Doubles event. Lim Chiew will be also participating in the mixed doubles event.

Vivian Hoo


  • Current World Ranked #17 (Highest ranked #9)
  • Olympics Games Rio 2016 (Quarterfinalist)
  • Thailand Open 2021 Super 1000 (Quarterfinalist)
  • Asian Team Championship 2020 (BRONZE MEDALIST)
  • Macau Open 2018 (CHAMPION)
  • Vietnam International 2018 (RUNNERS UP)
  • Bangladesh International 2018 (CHAMPION)
  • New Zealand Open 2017 (CHAMPION)
  • Commonwealth Games 2014 & 2018 (CHAMPION)
  • Asian Games 2014 (BRONZE MEDALIST)
  • SEA Games 2015 (SILVER MEDALIST)
  • SEA Games 2013 (CHAMPION)
  • Indonesia Grand Prix Gold 2011 (CHAMPION)

Lim Chiew Sien

lim chiew sien

  • Current World Ranked #60 (Highest ranked #48)
  • Asics Dunlop Championship 2020 (local) (CHAMPION)
  • Purple League Pro-Am 2020 (local) (BRONZE MEDALIST)
  • National Championship 2019 (CHAMPION)
  • Indonesia International 2018 (RUNNERS UP)
  • Malaysia International 2018 (RUNNERS UP)
  • India International 2016 (CHAMPION)

Wong Tien Ci

  • 23 years old born 1998
  • men's doubles and mixed doubles player
  • Asics Dunlop Championship 2020 (local)(Mixed Doubles CHAMPION)
  • National Championship U21 2019 1st leg (Mixed Doubles CHAMPION)
  • National Championship U21 2019 2nd leg (Mixed and Men's Double CHAMPION)
  • China Harbin Invitation Tournament 2019 (CHAMPION)
  • China Putian Mazu Cup 2019 (Men's and Mixed Doubles CHAMPION)


Other Ways You Can Help

Feel free to share this campaign! The ripple effect is more significant than we could think of.


FB & Instagram: tacticalbadminton


8881028389573 AMBANK (Tactical Badminton Services)

Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a a desire, a dream, a vision. – Muhammad Ali

Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. – Michael Jordan


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