GigaGigs to start & scale Augmented Reality for everyone

By: Kow Kuan Hua

Back GigaGigs to start production hub and scale up capability on Augmented Reality (AR) virtual try-on for SMEs, eCommerce & micro-biz

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Project Summary

My name is Kow and I am the founder of GigaGigs (Sdn Bhd). GigaGigs is a mobile crowdsourcing platform to help B2B clients collect offline data via mobile phone by breaking complex data collection projects into micro-tasks for GigaGigs 150,000+ gig workers to complete for cash reward.


Why are we here?

GigaGigs wishes to expand its capability by offering Augmented Reality (AR) creation for engaging virtual try-on experience, focus on Facebook and Instagram, targeting at SMEs and micro-business. While GigaGigs believes this will be the future to enhance online shopping experience, we want to validate the market readiness, market acceptance and optimize selling price for next phase scaling, which is the main reason why GigaGigs comes to pitchIN Reward Crowdfunding.

Try out yourself!


Click on links below (mobile phone only as is AR):

Demo 1: Furniture Lazy Lounge chair





Demo 2: Sofa




Demo 3: Polo T-shirt




Demo 4: Glasses




Our impact to the community  

Many people has either lost their job or suffered from reduced income from salary/commission remuneration benefits due to Covid pandemic. As GigaGigs aims to build a production hub for AR filter creation, the reality is AR is so new and there are not many people who know to create one. With this, GigsGigs aims to train up new skill for GigaGigs’ gig workers, so that we are all ready to scale up the production. This will also provide a new income opportunity for those who lost their job/income by learning new skill in AR creation.


Your backing to this project will not only help fund the initial needs for GigaGigs to invest in (1) cloud based software to allow more workers to access to necessary tools but also provide (2) confidence to us that AR is indeed the future where GigaGigs should scale and focus more on and (3) every dollar backed = more people can learn and earn from a new skill

What is the timeline of delivery if I back this project?

Steps Details Timeline
Step 1 Send us your 2D/3D images Day 0
Step 2 We create AR filter

+2 to +3 days

Step 3 Deliver test link for your feedback +1 day
Step 4 We send the final link to you +1 day to 10 days*


*Important note: Facebook is very strict on review and vetting policy and every AR filter is subjected to final approval by Facebook. Official review period is 10 days but usually is faster. Please consult with GigaGigs for your AR filter creation 

What we need & what you get:

How to back us?: Backers of this campaign can do so by contribute funding without reward (i.e. a pat on the back for GigaGigs or Kow “Go for it! I support you”) or purchasing for reward based on an initial pilot testing price, which is a discount of up to 40%.


Our Funding goal: RM10,500


Where will the funding go: Invest in cloud-base software for multiple users and tools for gig workers training/up-skill program


What will you get by backing this project?

  • Discounted pilot price on AR filter for your product (savings of up to 40% from our intended launching price after pitchIN campaign)
  • Appears in a unique “shout-out” credential video (or a creative AR filter) after a successful crowdfunding pitchIN campaign for both “pledge with reward” or “pledge with no reward” backers. This is a way to show our appreciation from not only GigaGigs but also from our gig workers who earn new income by learning a new skill


Your backing has a very meaningful impact in multiple ways:

  1. More SMEs and micro-businesses can offer AR to improve user experience and better sales conversion at affordable price
  2. Jobs creation as this is a new skill and a new job opportunity for many (if not all) gig workers in GigaGigs platform. The more backers = more gig workers can earn a living


What are your risks?


Very low risk and here are few reasons why…


Pledging your support in this project has very little risk as:

  1. Delivery: GigaGigs is ready now to deliver your AR filters in Facebook and Instagram. Pledging your support in pitchIN platform allow us to scale the production according to the demand
  2. Business Operation: GigaGigs Sdn Bhd was incorporated since 2016 and till date, GigaGigs has acquired 150,000+ gig works in Malaysia and 20,000+ in Cambodia. GigaGigs has worked with many MNC FMCG companies, government agency and Technology companies
  3. Business recognition: Not only is GigaGigs a MSC status company awarded by MDEC since 2017, GigaGigs is also an official partner of MDEC eRezeki since 2017. GigaGigs is also a graduate of MaGIC GAP Cohort 1 in 2018, Facebook Startup Station Accelerator program in 2019 and currently accepted into Alibaba Netpreneur Training 2021 Malaysia Program
  4. Operational scalability: The most difficult part of gigs base platform is gig workers acquisition. As this is the 5th year GigaGigs has been in operation, we have about 150,000+ gig workers throughout Malaysia. Our job now is to recruit within our gig workers base and to train them. Phasing of hiring and training will be scaled to demand generated from this pitchIN campaign
  5. Ease of up-skilling: AR creation appears as a complex skill to learn that only those with coding/programming are eligible. Reality is not. Anyone can be an AR creator. What they need is proper guidance to accelerate their learning with proof of income sustainability. This is where GigaGigs comes in and why we come to pitchIN.


Are there anyway you can help GigaGigs to reach its funding goal?


Yes. please help us spread the word by using our special AR filter designed for the pitchIN Reward campaign. Be as creative as you can be!

You can use the AR filters here:




Pledgers can transfer their pledge using the Secure Online Payment by

Razer Merchant Services

Razer Merchant Services allows payment using credit card or other online banking services (FPX, CIMBClicks, Maybank2u and etc.)

However, if you are not comfortable doing an online pitch/pledge - you can transfer the money directly to the pitchIN account as follows:

Pitch Platforms Sdn Bhd
Maybank 564892120183

After making the bank transfer, please send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt and your name to the email address: [email protected] with the Subject Heading: GigaGigs to start & scale Augmented Reality for everyone

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