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Help migrant works to Send Money Home for Free

Contact: Mehedi Hasan

During this epidemic it is expected that more than 80% will not be getting full monthly salary. We want to help them reduce some burden.

RM 3,623

pledge of RM 50,000 goal

3 April 2020 2 June 2020


Project Summary


MyCash Online provides a marketplace solution for migrants in Malaysia. We currently have more than 90,000 registered users. Most of them send money to their home every month. This money helps their family to survive. During this epidemic, it is expected that more than 80% of them will not be getting full salaries. So that they will be forced to reduce their sending amount. When they send money, for every remittance they send, Licensed remittance companies are charging them from RM 10.00 to RM 12.00. We want to pay this amount for them, so that, they can send money without any fees. We cannot do this alone, we need your help to do this. With your help, we will be able to 10,000 migrants for the next two months. 

What We Need & What You Get

We are planning to raise 50,000 RM for the migrants. With this money, we will be helping migrant workers to send money home for free. Does not matter how much we raise, we will be spending all of this to help migrant workers to reduce their burden during this epidemic. For an amount of more than 500, MyCash will give you a letter of appreciation. 

We will match every donation we receive 

To make this campaign more impactful and help as many as possible, MyCash will be matching every RM received through this campaign. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Please donate any small amount you can, this will help us to run this campaign. Also, share with your friends and family so that we can get more donations. 

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