Help Our Youth With Healthy Gender Development

Contact: Lee Jin

Developing and Introducing Healthy Gender Developing through a complete Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program in schools.

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25 September 2019 24 November 2019


Project Summary

I am a senior pastor of a christian church and invove in youth sex education for almost 8 years. Throughout these years of facilitating to youth in schools and community, I discovered that they need a real fact of understanding in gender/sex development, helping them to grow in dignity, self-awareness and relational identity. 5 years ago, I have started up a compaign called "FLY", providing gender/sex eduction workshop mainly for primary 5 and 6 students, secondary to lower form of secondary students. This is so important for these youth more than I because of the confusion of true sexuality knowledge and understanding had made them deviated from healthy purberty developemnt. Many youth had a distorted value in mutual gender relationship, self-abuse, schools bullies, harrassment, and sexual behavior. Below are some information to share with you:

What is Sexuality Education? 

Sexuality education is a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs, and values about such important topics as identity, relationships, and intimacy. It addresses the socio-cultural, biological, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of sexuality by providing information; exploring feelings, values, and attitudes;

and developing communication, decision-making, and critical-thinking skills. Sexuality Education should include parents and teachers, for the rightful sexuality education will grow our youth in body, mind and soul.



Facilitating and share holistic concept of relationship and gender education among primary and secondary schools through games and workshop, ensuring our youth to progress with healthy, safety and fulfilling time in their age of puberty. 



1. Grow sustainable donation and revenue resources in expanding our team and operation serving to schools students. RM2000 per school yearly. Reports from school and our centre will be printed fr all contributors.

2. Create, setup and deliver quality workshops to schools students and supportive material to schools.

3. Support school staff inclusive of counselling and information updates about students’ progress in workshops.

4. Train volunteers to join our team for various schools.

5. Partnership with private and non NGO company to bring awareness of the social concern issues among youth.

6. Character building through gender respect and understanding

7. Create awareness among parents and schools concerning prevention of sexuality crisis among youth

8. The excessive funding amount will be channel to school curriculum pool for the next coming year workshops.


The Impact:

- be the light and support for youth in puberty gender development

- created awareness among parents and teachers fostering a partnership in growing together with our children

- We have slowly recommnded by few schools after they testify the program contents and students feedback.



We Have Challenges:

- misunderstanding from public and conservative parents 

- Social awareness on sexuality education in asia community is slow and ignorant



Our Future Plan:

- Inducing Parents Classroom Communication Platform.

- Self Explain leaflet distribute to schools and society

- Web page and video promo

- Train facilitator and volunteers

You Can Help in These ways:

1. Financial contribution 

2. Sponsor Stationary for workshops

3. Support Facilitators/Speakers fee

4. Sent people to volunteer

5. Sponsor gifts/freebies to the workshops



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