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By: Josephine Lim

Saving our corals means saving 25% of the entire marine ecosystem! It's a delicate situation and we need you to join hands with us!

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Project Summary

Short Summary

My name is Josephine Lim and I've been an environmentalist while working as a full-time graphic designer for almost 3 years.

The idea of starting a coral reef restoration program appeared when I came across an article discussing the importance of having healthy coral reefs and the cost for us, humans, of losing them. They are so fragile and they bleach (on the verge of death ) easily due to many factors, we've lost around 80% of coral reefs worldwide and if we don't act soon I'm afraid we'll be sorry for our coming generation!

This will heavily impact our ecosystem as 25% of ALL marine life depends on it for food and shelter as well as our economy, corals alone help generate $30 billion annually through coastal protection, fisheries and tourism industries.


As a person who earns only RM3500 per month, I know I can't afford to live up to the coral restoration dream alone even with my savings! So I've reached out to Sky Alliance Academy in forming our first-ever coral reef program in which they have the license and a few acres of sea land for us to practice our restoration.

We have already started a few parts of our projects little by little with the help of our investors. This is our first time seeking help from a crowdfunding platform. The reason is that because we are fighting against time! The more corals we have the faster we can help protect our ecosystem!

Our projects

1. Coral breeding - With the help of industry experts and professors, there's a special nursery for corals for 1-4 months before replanting them at sea, we will be able to breed more healthy corals and increase their probability to withstand harsh conditions so they don't die easily.

2. Coral Garden - Similar to breeding but we'll create a garden full of corals underwater at sea open for tourists mainly for education and sightseeing.

3. Coral exports - We plan to save marine life as much as we can, so why keep it to ourselves when we can help other countries rebuild their ocean? 

This is one of our project plan where we plan to create pathways for tourists to walk on while they get to view corals from under.

This is our plan for the coral racks placement, each rack can contain around 200 corals, we will create pathways for tourists to walk on while sightseeing. Note: We won't allow touching the corals because of their sensitivity and fragility. 



1. Semporna, Sabah - 200 acres 

2. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - 50 acres 

3. Bali, Indonesia - 8 acres

So many acres of sea but limited coral production due to insufficient funds! With your help, we'll start on Semporna first and then slowly but surely Kota Kinabalu.

(Top picture) : Some of our team planning to make sure the process is safe

(Top picture) : A batch ready to be planted under our ocean!

These are some of our baby corals in which we've collaborated with experts with their unique breeding techniques for corals to have a stronger temperature adaptation and immune system support. 

These corals are around 1-4 months old and are planted on our nursery racks. We still need a huge amount to make an impact! 

This is how corals are formed - tiny coral larvae, and yes, they are animals, not plants or stones!

This is our estimated funds needed just for coral breeding. In addition to all standard dive equipment, many additional materials and tools are needed.


Once we receive our funds, we will start assembling the nursery while we harvest wild corals ready for breeding. This process will take approximately 3-5 months. One nursery table is able to hold 120 corals. 


The impact

Every contribution has made an impact on Sky Alliance's success in raising awareness and the importance of sustaining marine life! 

Starting up isn't easy at all! It took a few hard years to just obtain a license. Project planning, fund allocations, business expenses all need funds! We are only dedicated to conserving what we should have been doing years before!

What You Get For Contributing :
1. RM300 - You get a Coral Adoption Certificate in which you get to choose a name for your coral!

Note: Give us your full name and your choice of name for your new baby coral! 

2. RM1000 - Redeem a Free Khepera gemstone worth RM1150.

It's a natural stone with powerful healing properties similar to Meteorite. Every cut is different. Colour may vary. Send us a message to find out more.

3. RM2500 - Redeem 2 Free Khepera gemstone worth RM2050.

It's a natural stone with powerful healing properties similar to Meteorite. Every cut is different. Colour may vary. Send us a message to find out more.

4. RM4000 - Redeem a Free Khepera pyramid gemstone worth RM4395 each.

Powerful Feng Shui enhancer. It's a natural stone with powerful healing properties similar to Meteorite. Every cut is different. Colour may vary. Send us a message to find out more.

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