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Hermes Helmut Projector

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Hi everyone. This is a submission for the START-IT ILABS competition. We would very much appreciate any, and all the help that...

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15 September 2017 25 September 2017


Project Summary

Hi everyone. This is a submission for the START-IT ILABS competition. We would very much appreciate any, and all the help that we could get. Thank you all so much.

Our project is Hermes™.
Hermes is a brand new, state of the art projector which can showcase the GPS directly onto your helmet Visor, so you can ride the motorbike smoothly, conveniently AND above all, safely.

The question is, how does it work?
Well, simple really you download the App, key in your destination, attach the projector onto your motorbike helmet, and Voila! You can see the map, right on your screen.

With Hermes, you will be able to use experience motorbike navigation unlike no other.
It is an easier and more fun way to navigate the roads of Malaysia.
To use the App is easy and straightforward, just like Waze, or Google Maps.

Now, we designed and developed it in a way that it is simple, easy to use and distraction free, compared to the regular GPS, to ensure that you fully focus on riding the motorbike. Even the standard GPS on a car may inhibit focus when riding.

In Malaysia alone, there are roughly 9.5 Million motorcyclists on the road based on a survey recently conducted by the government. That's almost one third of the population!

Now, since we're still new with this idea, we'll launch the product in Selangor, being the perfect and ideal location to kick-start any business.

However, with the ever growing daily increase in the on road motorcyclists, the number of accidents involving motorcyclists is at an all time high, contributing to 52% of the total number of accidents. Most of these accidents, are because of speeding motorcyclists. Hermes has an in-built Speed Limit Notification System which tells you when you're going too fast.

Moreover, with Hermes™, we can help reduce the number of accidents by helping the user focus on riding whilst helping them to navigate.

Now, the main question is, who are the ones that will need HERMES™ the most? We plan on selling HERMES™ to motorcycle couriers who do a lot of product and food delivery.

Haven't you ever ordered Dominoes, expecting a nice, warm pizza to be at your doorstep real soon, but the newly hired delivery boy gets lost, and now he must call you and ask for directions? Well, thanks to Hermes™, this will soon be a thing of the past.

And more importantly, we would like to sell Hermes™ to anyone who owns a motorbike and would like a better way to navigate.

With your support, we can make Hermes™ happen and change the future of motorbike navigation forever. Moreover, we can lessen the number of road accidents involving motorcycles. So take your part in contributing to making HERMES™ a reality.

Please show us your love and support by pledging to the project. Many lives will be changed AND saved thanks to your help. To make Hermes a reality, all we need is RM500.00 to kick start it

We would very much appreciate any amount really but a simple sum of RM5.00 is more than enough to make this vision happen. Even RM1.00 is enough for us to take another step forward towards our goal.

The money that you contribute would be used to further fund the development and creation of the Hermes Projector Helmet™

If you're not interested in pledging, then it's no problem at all. However please share this link to your beloved friends and family who may be interested.

Thank you, & we'll see you on the road.


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