University Startup Challenge 2021: HEROES

Contact: Hoh Jia Da

Heroes aims to empower B40 communities through urban farming with our 3 steps earn & learn solution that allow them to learn to farm, build

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1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary

Short Summary

Hi there, thank you for reading our summary! Our story began when 3 young urban farmers met in a reality TV9, TV3, NTV7 show Ejen Agrotek. We all have urban farms at home, and we have been selling urban farming kits and yields to our neighborhood. After some time, our urban farming hobbies have turned into our side hustle as we started selling the yields and urban farming kits that we made to our neighborhood. We managed to receive a profit of RM800-2500 by selling urban farming kits and the vegetables grown from our house. However, we find it hard to scale up our side hustle due to the lack of space at our house and labor. Then, boom! An idea hit us like a truck. Why not provide the B40 with these skills, let them help us build urban farming kits, farm from their homes, and help them sell it on our platform?

We started by researching about the B40, and we were surprised that as of January 2021, there are 2,91 million B40 households in Msia, as reported by the Department of Statistics Msia. Some of the problems they face are financial freedom, lack of opportunity, and lack of skills. In short, there are many households out there that can’t make a living despite having the time and energy to work.


Hence, Heroes aim to solve this problem by providing a 3 steps solution. Firstly, we will empower them with skills and knowledge by joining our Heroes Urban Farming workshop for free. Next, we will teach them how to build urban farming kits and farm-fresh vegetables. Lastly, we will proceed by helping them to sell it on our platform. They will be taking 80% of the profit while Heroes keep the 20% to ensure sustainability in our social enterprise.

Today, we are a team of 4 with different skillsets ranging from Agriculture, Engineering, Design, and Technology with big dreams. We hope to eliminate poverty in Malaysia by providing more job opportunities and skills training.

What We Need & What You Get

Currently, we need 10k funding for us to get started. This funding will be fully used to support our workshops which is our first step into the market. This will be our cost breakdown.

40% - Urban Farming Raw Materials
30% - Labor
20% - Marketing
10% - Operations and Others

Project Timeline

October 2021 - Application Development 
December 2021 - System Test Run
January 2022 - Launching Beta
March 2022 - Project Kick Off around Klang Valley

The Impact

With Heroes, we hope to reduce poverty in Malaysia by empowering the B40 with job opportunities, expose them to urban farming skills, and ensure financial sustainability.

We hope to help those who are so motivated and dedicated but still struggle during the pandemic and become a platform that helps everyone become a hero.

We empower B40 communities through Urban Farming.

Risks & Challenges

We foresee a few risks and challenges such as the following:

1. Scalability. We will need more volunteers to join in to scale into urban cities other than Kuala Lumpur.

2. Logistics. As we grow, we will need ways to help distribute the fresh vegetables quickly and efficiently to our customers.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can volunteer at our Heroes Workshop as instructors. We are looking for young, energized urban farming enthusiast that aim to give back to the society.

Looking forward to having you on the team!

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