I Wish I Was A Bird


As things are opening up in Malaysia, not everyone can go back and visit their loved ones. This is the story of our director, Ahed Elshaer.

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3 January 2022 17 February 2022


Project Summary

What's This All About

Greetings everyone, we are a group of student filmmakers in our final year. "I Wish I Was A Bird" is our upcoming final year project. The story is based on a personal experience from our Palestinian friend, Ahed Elshaer. As things are opening up in Malaysia, not everyone can go back and visit their loved ones, as some of you may know what's happening in Palestine right now. Hence, why we are making this story to bring this topic into light. The funds gathered from this campaign will mainly go to renting equipments, feeding our crew and potentially go towards international film festivals!

Where Does The Money Go

Most of our crews are our classmates and juniors, hence most of the funds will be used to buy them lunch! The next main part is renting equipments, we are planning to rent a Blackmagic 4k Cine cam and a stabilizer as most of our scenes are going to be on the outdoors. More details of our budget are listed as below!

Help Us To Bring This Film On Screen

"I Wish I Was A Bird, was my wish during the time I used to stay in Gaza and I got the same wish recently during the pandemic when everyone was forced to stay at home. This film is related to the people who can't meet their loved ones also the journey of the main character, Samy, who is trying to get feathers to finish building his wings become a story of one part of Malaysia from an outsider's point of view" by Ahed Elshaer, Director of Shisha Pictures

Project Timeline

What If You Can't Contribute

No worries, help us spread the word to your friends and family!  Every little bit helps!

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