IDentity: A Short Sci-Fi Psychological Thriller

Contact: Nicole Sia Sze Huey

In a cold, cybernetic city, a lonely user of a futuristic social media app hallucinates after illegally reliving other users' memories.

RM 160

pledge of RM 2,000 goal

28 October 2019 27 December 2019


Project Summary


Logline and Premise

In a cold, cybernetic city that never sleeps and barely speaks, a lonely user of a futuristic social media app begins experiencing strange visions when he illegally relives other users' memories. 

IDentity is a short science-fiction psychological thriller about a not so distant future where technology has evolved us away from connections.

By making something more convenient, we may lose out on the value a process brings - whether we see it or not.


Our Background

We are film students from Sunway University, working on this film as our final year project. However, we don't expect to stop there. Our team of passionate filmmakers are all aimed at film festivals, both local and international. Our dreams are to bring Malaysia's filmmaking scene towards worldwide recognition!

Plus, we're all super excited about the storyline.


Production Schedule IDentity 2019


  • September 17th - 30th:
    • Finalised Budget
    • Finalised Schedule
    • Script Breakdown
    • Art Department Script Breakdown
    • Shot List
    • Casting & Fundraising Posters
    • Location Scouting & Requests
  • October 1st - 10th:
    • Casting
    • Sourcing Props
    • Sourcing Wardrobe
    • Location Recce
    • Test shots
    • Meeting with Sound Designer and Composer
  • October 11th - 20th:
    • Cast Locked
    • Location Locked
    • Cast Briefing and Rehearsals
    • Set Design & Prop Creation


  • October 21st: Filming Club Scene
  • October 25th: Filming House Scene
  • November 1st - 5th: Filming Main Office Scene & Corridor
  • November 10th - 11th: Contingency Shoot Dates


  • November 6th - 12th:  Editing - Rough Cut(First Draft)
  • November 13th: Meeting with Sound Designer and Composer
  • November 14th - 19th: Editing
  • November 20th: Picture Lock
  • November 21st - 27th: Sound Design, Composition and Colour Grading
  • November 28th: Final Cut for Assessment
  • TBA: Re-edits/Re-shoots (If any)
  • TBA: Submission to Local and International Film Festivals


Funding Details

For this film, we need an estimated RM10000 in funds, but for pitchIN, we wrote RM2000 due to the all or nothing aspect of it. Even if we don't reach our RM10K goal, we would greatly appreciate any amount we do receive. Funds will be going to:

  • Art Department - In creating the futuristic set, props, wardrobe and location rentals.
  • Talent/Cast - We respect our talents and so, would not want them to work for free.
  • Equipment Rental - Cameras, Lights, Sound Equipment etc. all need to be rented in order to film.
  • Food and Water for Cast and Crew - This is a basic necessity on every film set.


The Impact

Because of the futuristic nature of our project, we would need to recreate the entire world of the story. Imagine Kuala Lumpur but in the year 2040. Your contributions will help us to:

  • Create a realistic world of the story. Even if our idea is great, without the funds needed to re-create the world, the film won't succeed. Your contribution will help us create a believable film which will enhance and be enhanced by the amazing storyline.
  • Thank our cast/talent with proper payment. Most production companies don't pay the cast very well and we find this incredibly upsetting. We will be paying our cast regardless, but your contribution could help them get the amount they rightly deserve.
  • Food and Water for Cast and Crew. The basic necessity expected on every production set is for the filmmakers to take care of their cast and crew. Therefore it is imperative to provide sustenance to our hardworking people.

Risks & Challenges

Our current obstacles are the lack of funding which stops us from fully realising our creative vision. We have a passionate and ambitious crew who are already going all out in the making of this film.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you are unable to make a contribution, we would still truly appreciate it if you could share this!

Thank you for your time and support! Let's make this a great film!

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