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Your child can now interact and engage with every new alphabet, shape, color and more with ravingAR children flashcards.

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Project Summary

Learn more than just alphabets with AR flashcards


Flash cards are effective ways to improve memory through repetition, introduce new words, new things and new information. ravingAR takes flash cards a step further by introducing augmented reality (AR) to enable your child to engage deeper into every new information they learnt and making “repetition” interactive and fun.


Example of ravingAR alphabet series: D for “Direction” introduce more than just “Direction”, where your child can also learn “Up”, “Down”, “Left” and “Right”…


Instead of learning just T for “Time”, they will also learn 24 hours/day/night with AR.


26 alphabets, 30 interesting engagements (i.e. 26 alphabets + 5 quizzes).You can experience the prototype flashcards here:


You can scan the QR code from the video or click the links below to experience the demos:  

Demo links:

A for Apple




B for Birthday




E for Earth




H for Helicopter




Apart from the 26 alphabets, there are 5 quizzes included in the box. Additionally, your child can also participate in our periodic quizzes too by following our ravingAR FB page, a gamified refresher quiz surrounding the 26 alphabets they learn.


Who is ravingAR?


ravingAR is a new startup by GigaGigs Sdn Bhd, a marketplace and gigs matching platform that promotes everything AR. Our digital creators come from all walk of life but they have one thing in common – the love for AR creation. You can support their work by buying their products, such as the children flash card – Alphabet series or hire them to personalize the AR creation as they are available on gigs demand too.


The children flashcard Alphabet series is our first product and we are planning on “Shape & Symbols” as the next launch. Additionally, we are also working on “1X to 12X multiplication table” too.


Your support means a lot to us as AR digital creators


Your support means a lot to us, be it buying our product, hiring our creators on our platform or just follow our work on social media. Every encouragement is meaningful to us in every way, a driver for us to continue our creative work in digital art.


Project Timeline:

1. Alphabets Flashcard


Completion date

Creative work on AR filters for 26 alphabets & 5 revision quizzes

15th Nov 2021

Printing of cards

30th Nov 2021

Expected Delivery Date

7th – 15th Dec 2021


2. Shape, Symbols and Colors Flashcard


Completion date

Creative on AR filters for 25 cards & 5 revision quizzes

1st Dec 2021

Printing of cards

15th Dec 2021

Expected Delivery Date

25h Dec 2021 – 31st Dec 2021


 Tell me more about the details of your flashcards:


  1. ravingAR – Alphabet series.
  • Come with 30 cards i.e. 26 alphabets with 26 respective AR effects + 4 extra cards comprises of gamified quiz
  • Ready by 30th November 2021 and planning to be delivered over the next 14 days (receive your product by +/- 15th December 2021)


  1. ravingAR – Shape, symbols and color
  • Still in planning stage but will come with minimum 20 to 30 cards
  • Ready by 15th December 2021 and planning to be delivered over the next 14 days (receive your product by +/- 31st December 2021)



  • Works on mobile phone only, support both iOS (minimum iOS 11.0 and above) and Android (varies by different phones)
  • TEST BY SCANNING THE QR CODE OR CLICK INTO THE DEMO LINKS PROVIDED ABOVE (I,E THE APPLE/BIRTHDAY/EARTH/HELICOPTER DEMO). If you are able to activate our demo filters as shown in video above, you are ALL GOOD to go.

How will we use the fund collected?

  • Printing Cost
  • Shipping Cost
  • Logistic arrangement
  • Subscription to cloud based software for creative content


Selling Price:

West Malaysia

  1. ravingAR Alphabet series = RM25 + RM8 shipping fee + 6% SST = RM35
  2. ravingAR Shape, Symbols and Color = RM25 + RM8 shipping fee + 6% SST = RM35
  3. Buy both for 10% discount = RM45 + RM8 shipping fee + 6% SST = RM56.18


East Malaysia

  1. ravingAR Alphabet series = RM25 + RM12 shipping fee + 6% SST = RM39.22
  2. ravingAR Shape, Symbols and Color = RM25 + RM12 shipping fee + 6% SST = RM39.22
  3. Buy both for 10% discount = RM45 + RM12 shipping fee + 6% SST = RM60.40



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