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ISEE: International Special Education Exhibition

Contact: Julian Lye

ISEE is the first international exhibition championing the inclusivity and education opportunities of people with special needs

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11 July 2019 10 August 2019


Project Summary


International Special Education Exhibition

Date: 29th August – 1st September

Venue: Malaysian International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC)

Project Summary

The International Special Education Exhibition 2019 (ISEE 2019), is the 1st international exhibition on special education that mobilizes industry with academia for the special needs community. ISEE is a family friendly event meant for people of all ages to come and learn and understand about what it means to live with disabilities and how education plays the biggest role in Special Education Needs.

Organized jointly by the Persatuan Pendidikan Khas Kebangsaan (PPKK), the Persatuan Pendidikan Khas Kuala Lumpur (PPKKL) and GR8 Dreams Sdn Bhd, the four-day exhibition and conference is designed for special needs and gifted students as well as visitors from a wider range of roles across the public, not-for-profit, and private sectors including educators, policy makers, parents and the SEN sector.

At ISEE 2019, we explore how, collectively, we make our world more inclusive through the advancement of education opportunities and sustainable careers for people with special needs.

“Let’s create our inclusive world together. Everything about us, with us.”

-Datin Lorela Chia, Organizing Chairman, ISEE 2019



Word from the Organizing Chairperson – Why iSEE is important to me












Education has always resonated with me. Education is the tool for everyone to use for self-improvement and the betterment of oneself and of society. It is important that every man, woman and child to receive proper education regardless of their race, creed or ethnicity. However, not everyone has an equal chance or opportunity to receive such quality education, especially among the special need’s society.

I myself have experienced the hardships and challenges faced by many special needs people when I temporarily became disabled with both my eye surgery and my backbone surgery. Both experiences left me vulnerable and helpless to the sudden change.

That is what ISEE stands for, to champion the education of special needs persons and to create a more inclusive learning environment for the whole society. Creating an environment where special needs are met and where everyone receives fair and equal chance to a quality education.

The Need for Special Education

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 7 people in the world, live with some form of disability. In 2018 of Malaysia alone, there were 475,827 persons registered with disabilities and the number is growing as compared to the 197,519 persons in 2007. Industry analysts believe indicate that the number can be higher than what is being shown here because there’s people that could not afford to go get a formal education. Various factors contribute to the low numbers, mainly the stigma of being disabled and the perceived disadvantage of registering as a Person with Disabilities. 

Students are particularly at risk from not receiving a proper education as they drop out from school or do not wish to continue their education. During 2018, 33,174 students enrolled in special education from primary level, only 28,220 students furthered their education into secondary level. Of that 28,220, only 24 students enrolled in post-secondary education.    



Education is the foundation of all nations and the driving force of national development. Special education is the refinement of a nations education system, on which the realization of each individual’s potential is based. Inclusiveness is the key to the quality of special education as our nations education system evolves and develops.

There will also be an inclusive classroom prototype during the exhibition. This inclusive classroom is a room in which all students, irrespective of their abilities or skills, are welcomed holistically. It is built on the notion that being in a non-segregated classroom will better prepare special-needs students for later life. These special integrated classrooms provided the least restrictive environment for the students to learn in and to reduce the stigma of learning disabilities.

STEM Centre will be available during the ISEE exhibition. STEM center offers educational programs for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a creative way to stimulate learning and understanding. The emphasis on STEM subjects being taught to special needs students is important to ensure the upskilling of future generations.

A scholarship center will be set up in the ISEE exhibition. Scholarships will be awarded to the gifted students who have shown great interests in their respected fields. It also gives the exhibition attendees an opportunity to sponsor a gifted mind to have a better future. OKU career fair is also available during the exhibition event. This career fair is targeted for fair and equal job opportunities for special need students. Companies that are interested may offer career opportunities to special need students for employment.

A series of plenary talks by an interesting and inspiring blend of scholars, personalities, athletes and entrepreneurs will be conducted on the day of the event. Carefully curated, these ideas spark curiosity and debates amongst the ISEE 2019 visitors of vastly different fields and walks of life- coming together to shape our inclusive world together. Furthermore, there will be a more talks conducted by local speakers from University of Malaya, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health & more.

ISEE will conduct multiple forums during the exhibition. Forums such as Parents & Carer Forum, Teachers Forum, SEN Global Forum, SEN Women Forum & many more. This forum is aimed at a collective collaboration between industry experts and people who wish to understand more about SEN.



ISEE 2019 aims to be the platform which increases the intake of students enrolling in special education classes, programmes, curriculum and activities.

ISEE seeks to increase the intake of special needs children enrolling in special education, increase the quality of special needs graduates and increase the quantity of industry-ready and interested graduates.

Our aspirations by Year 2025, is to have 100,000 enrollments of special education students and 20,000 sustainable careers.

Budget Breakdown

Support the Project!

Contributors will work towards a safer more inclusive learning environment for special needs care. Special Needs Persons need no longer feel segregated or left out. Contributors will also raise public awareness on the importance of accessibility to infrastructure that is needed by many special needs people. Infrastructure such as wheelchair accessibility, inclusive classrooms, learning technologies etc.

Other Ways you can contribute

Are you contributing in education or assistive technologies fields? Are you interested in joining the program? Become an exhibitor for International Special Education Exhibition!

Spread and share the event page on social media. Like, follow and share. Tell your Friends and Family,

Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/events/1024691761058347/

Instagram Link : https://www.instagram.com/isee2019aug/

Website : https://isee.org.my/exhibition/

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