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University Startup Challenge 2021 : LIDI by Ecstatic Studio

Contact: Seow Xin Ling

LIDI, your secured on-demand creative talents booking mobile applications.

RM 100

pledge of RM 10,000 goal

1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary


“Talent is everywhere; the opportunity is not.”  

Ali, a student photographer from KL studying in Johor, finds it difficult to sell his skills to the nearby communities. 

Minah, a student singer from Sabah studying in Perak, faces challenges finding paid singing events outside the university. 

These student creative talents have gone unnoticed by our local community as they lacked exposure within the campus area.

These talents are very passionate and competent; they deserve to be seen, appreciated, and rewarded. 

Abu and Maria, a newlywed, wish to support local talents but do not know how to reach them. 

Brownie, a fresh graduate, is looking for affordable photography services but finds it hard to measure the photographers' services. 

Our targeted users are often overwhelmed by the services and information on social media posts. There are no systematic ways of organizing their request and messages. When there are too many to choose from, users tend to get frustrated as they can’t compare and decide which talent has all our users want. Such unpleasant experiences may also lead to bad decisions making.  




In LIDI, we firmly believe these talents and skills could earn the students extra income. LIDI is created to provide these students a platform to showcase their hidden talents, offer them more opportunities, and gain more exposure throughout Malaysia. We are focusing on protecting, connecting, and nurturing these creative talents. 

In LIDI, we highly articulate the user experiences in satisfying customers’ needs. We are concentrating on creating a platform that allows the user to discover talents, compare services and protect privacy. 



  • Instant Messaging Interface 

LIDI is currently designing a user-friendly conversation interface with minimal features that allow creative talents and users to exchange important information.  

  •  Secured Payment Transactions  

LIDI will be extending the user experience with the integration of payment gateway API. It guarantees creative talents and users secure payment transactions. This gateway uses encryption and verification technology that protects the customer data. 

  • Community Forum 

LIDI wants to create a continuous learning community that allows creative talents and users to exchange ideas, discuss issues and share their stories. They can interact with each other through short posts, polling, and articles.  



The received donations will be utilized for the technological development, operation of the business, and marketing. 




For 2021, our milestone left is to complete our crowdfunding campaign followed by a mobile application prototype released to track our tractions. Then we will be looking forward to potential fundraising based on our mobile application's tractions. 

CtrlD Studio

Happy Wednesday, our fantastic people!

We’re excited to introduce one of our creative partners - CtrlD Studio, hailing from Sarawak, Malaysia.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” 

This quote best describes both the founders of CtrlD Studio,  Suan Goh and Joshua Chung.


The studio focuses on blending art and design with modern technology. Its core business activities include content creation services and IP creation in creative design and game development. In brief, they narrate stories through interactive media.

Check them out now at any of the social media platforms below! :)

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