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Contact: Dr. Green Shancker

NO NATURE- NO FUTURE Alam Semulajadi adalah asas kehidupan kita - Kini TERANCAM

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pledge of RM 250,000 goal

25 August 2021 9 October 2021


Project Summary

Malaysia's Biggest Environmental Project EVER


You may think everything seems to be fine, then where is the need for such a big environmental project? My name is Dr. Green' Shancker with  more than 15 years of R&D.  As a researcher, i can tell you that, the situation is so frightening, and need immediate action to prevent any environmental catastrophe, which will cause enormous sufferings and losses. Covid-19 is also caused by environmental destruction, Pls read more on our website.

Please understand that human life is 100% dependent on the well being of our Mother Nature,  

GMCM 2030 is an eight (8) years planned environmental project with a vision to become the one of the most environmental conscious nation by the year 2030. Your contributions would be essential to execute this non-stop environmnetal project to realise our dream of living and breathing in a Greener and Cleaner Malaysia.

An estimation of RM 17 Million ringgit is needed for completing this project of 8 years. eventhough we are expecting some funds from the government and private organisation, we still believe it will be not quite enough for such a long-term project. So crowdfunding platform could really help to push it further,  and with the albums (download) we can raise more fund and complete the project without any doubts.

Please understand that this is no one-off environmnetal act as you always see. this NON-STOP (8 years Nation -Wide Project) and we estimate the cost to be around Minimum RM 2 million per year. So to answer why we need crowdfund Rm 250 thousand ;- We will use it for producing an album (50%), For the Production of environmnetal campaign video (25%) and and the balance (25%) for Promotional activities such as advertisement and other online /offline promo.

Unlike any other environmental programmes which usually projected and perceived as merely a charity work, all of GATE’s projects including GMCM 2030 incorporates branding and commercial elements to add excitement and attractiveness to capture the attention of the mass, especially the youths & kids in Malaysia. Even the most intelligent and creative method and approach will not be enough to see a big impact or positive changes unless it is done continuously.

Scientists are saying man-made mass extinction has already started. All countries can cause its own “home-made” environmental catastrophe/ disaster/pandemics, If the world continues with the current trending, all it takes is a maximum of 20 years to destroy the planet earth completely. We should not wait any longer, so it it very important that we clean up and rejuvenate our environment on top of this, Global Sustainability Index showing Malaysia is ranked among the worst at 132nd spot, that shows the real health of the environment in malaysia. 

Thanking you in advance for your participation and support for this Nation-wide innovative effort of creating the best living environment not only for human beings but for all living beings.  Project GMCM 2030 is not an option but A SOLUTION & it is a Great Joy should you decide to play a part in the success of this project.

The Timeline:

Fundraising : From now till december 2021

Song recording and production : January 2022  

promotional Media production ; january 2022 

Pre-lauch promotion : starting from mid february 2022

GMCM 2030 Official Launching : 03-03-2022 (World Wildlife Day)

2nd album launching : 05-06-2022

Thank you.

Terima kasih.

Please Visit: 


1. For the Purchase of: Sentuhan Inspirasi 'MAHA LAGENDA' - You'll receive Sentuhan Inspirasi 'GMCM 2030' for FREE

2. For the Purchase of: Kingdom of Nature 'It's NOW Or NEVER' - You'll Receive both Sentuhan Inspirasi 'GMCM 2030' & 'MAHA LAGENDA' for FREE.

MORE SURPRISE  AWAITS THE FIRST 100 supporters. Cheers.

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    There will be 2 music albums will be released.

    Album 1.
    Sentuhan Inspirasi "GMCM 2030"
    (7 songs- for Malaysia release)
    including social responsible songs like "Alam Asas Kehidupan Kita" "Rasuah Penghancur Negara".

    Download link of this album will be emailed to you on this date or much earlier
    album 1 ; 30-03-2022 (World Wildlife Day)

    Unlimited slots

  • RM 125

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    Sentuhan Inspirasi 'MAHA LAGENDA"
    (12 songs for international release)

    Will be launched on 05-06-222 (World Environmental Day) most probably in Kalimantan Indonesia, Songs are written by Dr. Green and will be sung by top artists of Indonesia, Malaysia and maybe a Singaporean Singer.

    Unlimited slots

  • RM 420

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    Kingdom of Nature 'It's NOW or NEVER" will be
    A Priceless Maestro-piece that will be launched on 05-06-2024 (World Environmental Day) most probably in Afica, Songs will be written by Dr. Green and others, music by top composer and will be sung by top international artiste and will be launched by an 'epic' environmetal superstar.

    Unlimited slots