Malaysia's first team compete at Spaceport America Cup 2022.

Contact: Vanmitha A/P Athimoolam

WAU Rocketry USM is Malaysia's first and only team to compete at world's largest rocket launch competition held in New Mexico (June 2022).

RM 16,323

pledge of RM 20,000 goal

13 December 2021 11 February 2022

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Project Summary

About Us

We are a team of 12 engineering student from Universiti Sains Malaysia, representing Malaysia for the world's largest student rocket launch competition that will be held in New Mexico from June 20th till June 25th 2022. Our team, WAU ROCKETRY USM consists of 9 Aerospace Engineering student, 2 Chemical Engineering student and 1 Mechanical Engineering student.

Team Leader: Vanmitha Athimoolam (3rd year undergraduate student of Aerospace Engineering)

Team Members:

Undergraduate students from the School of Aerospace Engineering

1. Nuha binti Ahmad Rizal (final year)

2. Muhammad Fitri bin Zailan (final year)

3. Nurin Salihah binti Mas Johan (final year)

4. Jeeness A/L Arumugom (3rd year)

5. Nurin Izzati binti Umar (3rd year)

6. Hariz Izzudin bin A Rahim (3rd year)

7. Muhammad Amirul Alif bin Zakria (3rd year)

8. Rishee A/L Kumar (2nd year)

Undergraduate students from the School of Chemical Engineering

1. Christy Wee Xin Yee (1st year)

2. Kavilan A/L Ramoo (3rd year)

Undergraduate student from the School of Mechanical Engineering

1. Yap Wei Juin (3rd year)

About Project

Project Mission

i. Launch a 3m height rocket at an altitude of 10000ft (3.048km) and recover it back safely.

ii. Deploy advanced Nanosat that will collect telemetry data and lands autonomously with quadcopter system.

Team's Mission

i. Inspire and create benchmark for university students to contribute to nation's high powered rocketry development.

ii. Kickstart student high powered rocket launch development in Malaysia.

Project Timeline

Team's Budget

Our team needs a budget of RM150k to compete in Spaceport America Cup 2022 that includes building a rocket, prototypes, registration fees, travel and accomodation fees.

Fees Type Total Sponsored By
Rocket and Prototype RM 35 750 Universiti Sains Malaysia
Registration fees and Team's Apparel RM 7000 Universiti Sains Malaysia
Travel and Accomodation RM 110 500 Companies and the public


This is our finalised budget for our team and we will publish the expense details on our social media to keep track of the cash flow.

The Impact

By contributing to our project, Malaysians get a chance to be a part of the project where we will engrave the contributors' name digitally and physically on a metal plate according to the category. We will publish the contributors name on our social media at the end of the campaign.


Category 1 - RM1 - RM250

All contributors' name who contribute from MYR1.00 - MYR250.00 will be coded digitally in a microchip and attached together with the payload. Contributors will get a boarding pass of HEBAT ROCKET LAUNCH as sign of gratitude towards their contribution

Category 2 (RM250 and above)

All contributors' name who contribute from MYR250.00 and above will be engraved on a metal plate and place in the payload bay inside rocket. Contributors will get a boarding pass of HEBAT ROCKET LAUNCH as sign of gratitude towards their contribution


Financial Challenge

One of the biggest hurdles we are facing is trying to bring the entire team to attend Spaceport America Cup 2022. Due to the high cost of travelling, we might not be able to bring all the team members to SA CUP 2022 if we did not achieve our financial goal


We hope all the Malaysians will come forward to support us. Your support and contribution will be our strength and motivation to win this competition. We will make the university and the nation proud!!


Pledgers can transfer their pledge using the Secure Online Payment by

Razer Merchant Services

Razer Merchant Services allows payment using credit card or other online banking services (FPX, CIMBClicks, Maybank2u and etc.)

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Please do not tick the anonymous box, as it will be hard for us to track to include the name in our payload bay. Thank you for your support