Malaysian Open Women - Touch Rugby World Cup

Contact: Georgina McKavanagh

We are the women's Malaysian national touch rugby team getting ready to represent Malaysia at the 2019 Touch World Cup!

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12 February 2019 13 April 2019


Project Summary


Touch, like many other sports, can be played by any gender of all ages. It is a sport that challenges your stamina, your speed and your ability to perform under pressure. As touch is a well-developed sport in some countries such as Australia and New Zealand, it is still a developing sport in Malaysia. Finally, after 4 years we are lucky to be hosting the 2019 Touch World Cup in Putrajaya! We are a team of 14 women and two coaches who are determined, passionate, not only happy to be able to represent our country but also learn from some of the best countries in the world.



Since 1988, the Touch World Cup has been organised by the Federation of International Touch (FIT) and occurs every 4 years. It was previously hosted in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, South Africa, and Scotland. Fortunately enough, the 9th edition, 2019 World Cup, organised by the Federation of International Touch, will be held in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Six days full of high-level touch games will be held at Taman Ekuestrian Putrajaya starting from April 29th to May 4th. This edition will be the largest world cup ever staged. The event will be played on 15 fields; 26 nations will compete across 11 categories which in total 119 teams participating and approximately 2500 players, coaches, managers, and medical support.



While some countries have a wealth of talent to choose from, Malaysia, on the other hand, is not as fortunate; this is due to the lack of funds to support our World Cup campaign. The cost of field space, event accommodation for the duration of the World Cup as well as the cost of equipment throughout our training are just a few of the barriers we continue to face. With donations, we would be able to remove these financial barriers and focus on training and represent Malaysia knowing that we’ve done everything we can to play our best at the 2019 Touch Rugby World Cup.



Our fundraising goal is RM15,000. This would cover the cost of accommodation first and foremost; this is one of our biggest expenses, and to have this subsidized would be a great weight lifted off our team. Then we would look to sponsor some more team members that are not in a financial position to afford the rest of the costs. 

With these donations, our team would be able to focus on being the best we can be and representing Malaysia at the caliber that it deserves. However!! Even if we don't reach our RM15,000 goal it's ok! Anything helps!! Whether you want to fund the whole RM15,000 or just donate RM10, every penny is counted and appreciated beyond anything words can explain.



Even if you can't contribute, you could help us by getting the word out about our campaign! Let people know about us!! Spread the word, and help us achieve our goals of representing Malaysia at the 2019 Touch Rugby World Cup!



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