Monthly Grocery Aid for Lotus Charity Care Centre

By: Kamraj Shanmuganathan

Located in Semenyih, the care centre is home to 26 kids and 25 old folks. This aid will be directed for monthly grocery needs of the home.

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21 July 2021 19 September 2021

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Project Summary

Monthly Grocery Aid for Lotus Charity Care Centre

My first visit to the home back in 2019 was a unique one. The home's caretaker, Ms Sarah Thomas arrived in taxi with a newborn baby in her hand, all the way from Kedah, a northern state in Malaysia.

This home will always be in my mind as it is one of a few homes that I have visited with its kids and old folks all taken care of very well. The kids are not entirely orphans, but are also from abusive family or abandoned by their parents since they were born. Upon visiting the home regularly, I am convinced that Ms Sarah Thomas is easily a caretaker that knows the need of each of her home resident with their living condition taken care of very well.

Currently, the home is struggling with funding as regular donors (both individuals and corporates) have not been able to channel donations amid pandemic period. Consequently, the home is short of basic needs, inclusive of grocery items, hygiene kits as well as funding for home rental/ workers' salary. Currently, the home is taking care of 26 kids and 25 old folks (15 gents and 10 ladies).

Here is how your contribution will be used:

Since May 2021, an effort is made to purchase and send grocery items as well as other needs as per the caretaker's request to the home directly on a monthly basis. This is done by purchasing them in a hypermarket and sending the items via a delivery platform. 

Monthly budget for this project is RM2,000 with an aim for the project to continue until end of this year. The fund raised from this project will be used for monthly delivery for the period of September to December 2021.

This campaign will help to strengthen the funding for this effort, in addition to the base funding of RM1,000/ month that I already have in place currently from personal budget.

In short, items worth RM3,000 will be sent every month with RM1,000 from personal saving and RM2,000 from fund raised via this campaign (RM3,000 in total per month).


The kids and old folks will be able to get by another day with basic needs in place, amid this challenging period.

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